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Hi! I'm Liron , product manager on Jira Service Management

Liron Atlassian Team Feb 02, 2021

Hi! I'm Liron, product manager on Jira Service Management. Wanted to introduce myself and see what this group is about, and whether I could be of any help here!


Let me know!






Hi @Liron ,

Welcome! I do have a few questions for a JSM PM, I hope you can help-out:

  • Will Insight Cloud get the same capabilities as Insight on DC? Currently we see a huge gap between them. 
  • When will Insight be included in the JSM Cloud offering?
  • We see a lot of need towards JSM reporting to customers, are there any plans to offer organizational reports/metrics in the portal? E.g. how well did we do on the SLA's.
  • Opsgenie integration/administration/configuration is to keep it mild a bit messy, can we expect a smoother/easier experience in the (near) future.

Maybe you can shed some light.




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Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Hi Rudy!

  1. Insight cloud is definitely planning on catching up with the DC version. thumbs-up
  2. Insight is going to be included in JSM cloud offering really soon, expect a message coming soon!
  3. Reporting is a known area we want to expand in. Specifically for portal reporting as well. Would love to get more input here from customers/community as well. Are you willing to chat to us further about this at some stage?
  4. Yep. As you know JSM includes Opsgenie out of the box and we are working to including it more and more in the experience as well. We will be looking at configurations as well. What in particular is messy do you think?

Hope this helps!


  1. That would be greatly appreciated, because we do miss some features.
  2. Great!
  3. Of course I'm willing to chat about this. My 'Zoom' is always open. 
  4. To be honest I only configured it twice. But onboarding is not logical and also how alerts are routed. How you can set your phone number if you did not do it the first time is hard to find. So in general it is not real intuitive. 

Thanks for your reply!


Liron Atlassian Team Feb 04, 2021

Thanks again Rudy. This is useful feedback. When we get to looking at configuration of JSM / Opsgenie of these areas, I'll be sure to reach out! thanks!

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Feb 02, 2021

Welcome @Liron!

I'm sure there will be a ton of JSM questions for you!

Thanks for jumping in and helping out.


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Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Thanks Jimmy! Good to be here. Would love to meet you all at some stage too!




Hi @Liron 

Wish to see Catalog view in JSM something similar to SNOW :)

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Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Hi Girish , 

Could you provide more specific feedback here please? Would love to learn more. We also have a product manager on our team looking into this specifically that may want to schedule a call with you for feedback, if youre happy to?



Hi @Liron

ServiceNow allows users to navigate using service catalog with multilevel hierarchy.


e.g. When Customer clicks on Report an Incident he/she will see group of services. 

e.g. VPN, Network

Now if user clicks on Network. User will further see different cards like 

Unable to browse internet, Unable to browse intranet etc.

JSM does not have this feature today. I am ok to get into a call and explain this feature.

Hi @Liron ,


It's really great to have you here!

It will definitely gonna help many users as you are here to help everyone.



Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Thanks Soumyadeep!

Great to be here and get to know you all. 


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Hi, @Liron !

Welcome, cool that you joined!

I will gladly study the questions that you will be asked 😊

Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Hi Alexander!

Thanks for being a community leader! 

I hope to be of help around here more and more as time goes by!



John Funk Community Leader Feb 02, 2021

Hello and Welcome, Liron!!

Thanks for being available and reaching out.  :-)

John Funk Community Leader Feb 02, 2021

I have the same questions as Rudy does. 

And, also, would love to see the Approvals by Email request get implemented ASAP.

Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Hi John!

I Think we've met. I've answered Rudy's questions above, hope it helps?

I'm checking about this ticket for you, will have an answer soon.

All the best!


Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Just checked John - this feature is currently in development! Great news!

Would you or anyone in your team be happy to jump on a call with us about this? We have some questions regarding authentication.



John Funk Community Leader Feb 03, 2021

Absolutely! And definitely great news!

John Funk Community Leader Feb 04, 2021

Yes, we have met before in the early stages of ITSM. Thanks again for that opportunity. :-)

I look forward to providing more feedback!

Jack Brickey Community Leader Feb 02, 2021

Hi Liron, welcome. We have spoken before on some of the open JAC issues. IMO, and I realize this is a big ask, but the ideal way to help would be to attack JAC for JSM.

  • close old issues that simply will not be done w/ a simply reason. I realize there will be some blowback but I would rather that then have them languish
  • update all of the issues that will definitely be considered:
    • assign to someone
    • update the priority
    • add comment
  • update the ones that may be consider one day but not currently planned

Focusing on the highest votes would be a great place to start.

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John Funk Community Leader Feb 02, 2021

Yes, this!!!

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Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Hi again Jack,

Thanks so much for your message. Our product team have actually been doing a lot of this lately (theres heaps more to be done though of course).

Totally agree on being open and honest about things that will never be done. I recently closed one of those tickets and got the backlash. But I agree - its better people knowing our real plans than just hoping for something that doesnt happen. So whilst it was hard to do and read responses , I'm glad I did it.

We've tried to triage quite a lot of JAC tickets recently, not sure if you noticed, but we're treating the status quite seriously. If something is truly in our 6-12 months roadmap then its under  consideration or in progress. If its not - it goes into future consideration or just closed as mentioned above. 


We have a long way to go because there are so many JAC tickets!!

If you have specific ones you want answers on, can you ping them to me here?


Thanks! And I love your passion on this. I'm with you!



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Jack Brickey Community Leader Feb 03, 2021

Thanks for responding Liron. Yes indeed I have noticed and it is appreciated for sure. I will dig into my notes and get back to you here.

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Here are a few on the top of my list:

  • JSDCLOUD-4580 - larger than this single issue is what I feel needs to be a key initiative of refactoring the portal. Allow for more configuration, portal branding by project, ability to present more fields to the customer and allow for ordering, sorting etc., ability to present dashboards by project and organization, ability to share SLA info
  • JSDCLOUD-5878 - I realize this is being worked and that it isn’t a simple issue. I spoke to Jason on this and am looking forward to a solution.
  • JSDCLOUD-4770 - provide the ability to leverage Organization within dashboard gadgets. Related issue - JSDCLOUD-8107 
  • JSDCLOUD-9709 - Improved portal search directly from the main search screen where a customer could enter key words and along with KB offerings present possible existing issue match.
  • Improve user management- I have struggled with many aspects of how JSM customers and user management works. It isn’t intuitive and I have gotten myself in trouble more than once where I have the same email as a customer and also an Atlassian account user.
  • JSDCLOUD-9710 - SLA breach notifications need to be built into the SLAs vs independent via automation.
  • JSDCLOUD-2044 - Ability to include full public conversations in all replies.

that is a start anyway. 😋

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Liron Atlassian Team Feb 04, 2021

Hi Jack,

  • It seems that 4580 is in progress and up to date.
  • I am very close personally to the email signature issue, as people in my team are spiking a few possible solutions. It is not easy, as we would like to keep the signature in the database, and only hide it - not delete - so that users can still access it if needed. That's the tricky part amongst other things. It is top of mind though, and it is being tackled.
  • I do not think that is on anyone's roadmap. I will confirm and update the issue accordingly.
  • Finding out about
  • Do the other 3 have JAC tickets? 


Jack Brickey Community Leader Feb 04, 2021
  • Yes encouraged about 4580 for sure.
  • understand the complexities here. I would be fine with an on/off solution and off means signatures are not retained at all. IMO most would be fine with this approach.
  • on the other 3 I cannot say. I know I have spoken about these to a number of folks. I will do a bit of JQL searching today and if not I will add. In any event I will update here.
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Jack Brickey Community Leader Feb 04, 2021

i added two new JACs 9709 and 9710. I did not open one for the refactoring of customer management as I not sure how to really capture something that would adequately capture. I think it would take some conversations but in a nutshell...

a solution where I have a single User Management screen where I can add any user and define their access...

User name: xxxxx

User email: xxxxx

Portal Only - radio button >>>> Migrate Account - button

if Portal Only is checked then all products are greyed out. If a Portal only customer is migrated then the below product access radio buttons are available to be checked

JSW - app access

JSM - app access

Confluence - app access


If a user is deactivated then everything is greyed out

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Liron Atlassian Team Feb 04, 2021


Thanks for this, and for raising the JAC tickets!

as for 2044 - there will be an update there very soon from Ben our Product Manager in charge of this area.




Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Feb 02, 2021

Welcome @Liron ! It will be a great help for JSM users now that you are here!

Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Thanks Taranjeet! 

Hi @Liron ,

good to have you here. There might be a lot of questions popping up.

I currently do have one from our customers: Will Insight for DC still be usable in JSW Projects and/or for JSW users? We have a lot of use cases where customers integrated it.

Kind regards,

Liron Atlassian Team Feb 03, 2021

Hi Kai,

Yes, if JSW and JSM DC are on the same instance, all JSW users can use Insight (as if they are all licensed).
Hope this helps!


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