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Follow-up questions in one thread

Hi all, I have one thing I'd like to discuss. I tried to check some previous discussions and articles but I wasn't successful.

It happens quite often to me in last months... someone asks question and it has quite descriptive summary like 'I cannot set issue status using REST API'. When I successfully solve this problem, a questioner asks another question like 'How can I set custom field XY using REST API?'.

In this moment I'd like to ask him just to accept the answer and create a new thread, but I have few problems with it

  1. it looks like I'm just trying to get more accepted answers
  2. some questioners are 'addicted' to your help and sometimes the question is answered multiple times already in other thread

What is your opinion about it? How to maintain clarity of the portal as much as possible? Thanks for your thoughts in advance :).

And wish you nice weekend of course :)

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I also experience this occasionally. I guess it's a good thing but I share your feelings around wanting a second question rather than a thread of questions from one person getting answered.

It would be nice if Community Leaders had the option to split a thread into a new question. I don't know if that is possible.

Yes @Stuart Capel - London good point, it would be nice to create new thread on behalf of original questioner just to show other people how the threads should be split to always focus on one theme/question. Thank you for your comment :)

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Daniel Eads Atlassian Team Jan 11, 2021

@Stuart Capel - London and @Martin Bayer _MoroSystems_ s_r_o__ it is possible to create a new question from someone's answer - splitting the thread or preventing "hijacking" if you prefer some pirate terms 🏴‍☠️

It's not a very clear process though! And only available to Community Leaders.

  1. Select the '...' and Move on the individual message you want to split
  2. Fill out the numerous options on the "Move posts" page:
    1. The default "Move the message and its replies" should be changed to "Move the individual message or comment" if there are any replies after the one you want to move
    2. In the subscription dropdown, select "Move user's subscription to the new thread"
    3. Select the right Destination from the destination menu. (Note: you can't move a discussion to a question in a new board - you first have to move it to its own discussion, then move it again to a question)
    4. Optional: Check the "author of this post" box and fill out the reason/explanation fields telling them you created a new thread for their question - if you want this action to trigger an email. Answering their "new" question will also email them.

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Niceeee @Daniel Eads , thank you very much :)

I experiance a similar situation in our team's public chat room.  We use it for quick questions but sometimes users start getting into the weeds.  We use our own case by case assessment to stay public to work through their specific issue or ask them to submit a Help Ticket so we can track the issue to resolution privately and 'get credit' for the user support.

I think in the case of questions here in the Community we can make the same determination.  If it's one quick new question sure ... let it stay there.  But, if you find you're getting into the weeds or are acting as a personal consultant to someone in the thread then it may be time to politely/gently request a transition to a new Question thread.  This does two things - as you are probably fully aware - 

  1. Removes the unrelated information from the original question
  2. Sets up an area for others to find answers specific to the 'new question'

I wouldn't consider this a 'points grab' but something necessary to properly organize content for those seeking information from the Community.


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Thank you @Tanya C. It definitelly makes sense. Maybe it is enough to take aware of the purpose of the community and side effect is getting more credit for answered questions :)

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I was going to raise the same point as Tanya did.
The community is a place where users can be helped, but the final goal is not just to help that user but to create organized content that can be easily accessed and used by all members.


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I think it's appropriate to direct the new question to another thread rather than continue on the same old one as it might confuse other users as to what the answer eventually is.

Also I don't think it's wrong to mention to the user to accept the answer if it solves their issue. I usually go with "Please accept the answer, so other users can use the same solution". I think this is subtle enough, then you can continue to direct the user to create a new thread pertaining to the newer question. do not prolong the thread into an entirely different issue which is not related to the already answered question by answering more questions.

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Thank you @Prince Nyeche for your comment. It looks like everyone participating in this thread has similar opinion. I'm quite happy about it :)


One of my hats is testing, and as a tester I say one thread per question.

As a community user I say, its easier to follow and easier to search for the answers you want.


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