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What’s the difference between a project and a goal?

Our simple definition is:

Projects: Think of this as a team (e.g. two or more people working to produce something for two or more weeks).

Goals: Think of this as an outcome one or many project teams are trying to achieve. For simple setups, one project could map to one goal - but as organizations and teams grow, often many teams have local goals but contribute to bigger department or company-wide goals. Atlas helps your teams grow.

Learn more in our article.


How do I use Atlas with Jira Software?

It’s important to remember that Atlas and Jira Software solve different problems.

Jira Software solves the problem of planning and task management within teams. It offers granular detail and context for stakeholders within a team.

Atlas solves the problem of communication and alignment across teams. It brings clarity to the complex, detailed work happening in Jira Software to all teams in an organization.

Atlas provides curated (not automated!) updates and shows how work happening in Jira Software contributes to bigger objectives.

For more information, check out this article.


How do I use Atlas with Confluence?

Check out our article on how they work together.


How is Atlas different from Jira Work Management, or other project management tools?

Project management tools, such as Jira Work Management or others, help teams plan and manage their work down to the smallest detail.

Atlas helps teams communicate context and progress about work happening, whichever tools are used.


What is the Loop framework?

The Loop is a framework for healthy and effective communication across teams. We use it at Atlassian, and it can be applied to any organization, whichever tools they use.

Learn more about the Loop.


What’s the difference between free and paid Atlas editions?

Check out our pricing info and costs here.


How do I setup Atlas and add users?

Learn how to setup Atlas here. Users need to be added by the organization or site admin, learn more.


Where can I find tips and ideas for using Atlas in my organization?

You can find ideas, tips, and best practices for using Atlas here.


How do other companies use Atlas?

Read our customer stories here.


I’ve just started with Atlas. How can I get help in rolling it out across my organization?

Check out our downloadable Champion starter packs under the Guides section.


Where can I get support?

From inside Atlas - simply click the purple widget button in the bottom right corner and choose Help or Send us a message to get support.

From the Community - head over to the Atlas Product page and ask your question!


Monty Bhatia July 21, 2023

Hi, could someone confirm, does this tool work with Jira Work Management as well?  And if so to what capacity; perhaps some features are missing at present.

Thank you in advance.

Sabrina Melo da Silva November 17, 2023

It does, but I don't see any value yet, or how they work together... you can link epics to a goal, or just an epic to a project in Atlas.

Sam Nadarajan
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 10, 2024

I like the definition of the difference between a project and a goal, this is how I understand it in my mind when I just look at how it is designed, where it trips me up is when the Atlas project is linked to a Jira Epic. I know Epics are finite (or designed to be) so linking an Atlas project (aka team) that isn't necessarily going away to something that is designed to be completed is something I'm struggling to understand.

Lise Wåsjø May 14, 2024

I would love to get an overview of how permissions and user access works in Atlas from an admin perspective.


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