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Multiple jira projects to one Atlas goal/project

Kenneth Fossum July 15, 2023

Hi there

Use case: We have a lot of different Jira (software) projects linked to one customer. We would like to link those projects to one Atlas project and/or goal for the purpose of creating good reporting on project delivery, increase team communication and reduce fat. 

I guess this is more of a feature request than anything else. 



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Diogo Teles
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July 17, 2023

Hi @Kenneth Fossum

Welcome to the community!

TL;DR As far as I know, there is no way to automatically turn a Jira Project into an Atlas project. You can link Atlas projects to a view of the Jira project via the "Where is work tracked?" field in the Atlas project. 


The scope of Atlas projects and Jira projects can be quite different, depending on how you use them.

Whereas in Jira a project is mainly a bucket for issues with a common theme / purpose, in Atlas it is "two or more people working to produce something for two or more weeks" (from Atlas FAQ).

These two tools have different purposes.

None of the definitions above fit the classic definition of project, but both of them can match a classical project, if that is how you decide to use it. 

The structure of Atlas is pointing to Goals in Atlas being "built-up", or progressed by, Atlas projects. And, from the recent addition of Epic linking, Atlas Projects can have a similar scope to Jira Epics. 

But what really sets the Atlas Project relationship with an external tool (like JSW) is the "Where if Work Tracked?" field. The link in this field plays a huge role in defining the scope of the Atlas project.

Let's say, for example, that you have a Jira Project that you are using to track work of a single business project (in the classical definition of a project). There will be a view within Jira that will give you a global perspective of the project's progress within Jira. It could be a Timeline, a Board, a Dashboard, a filter, etc. Whatever that is, that is the page you would link to in the "Where is Work Tracked" field.

If you have multiple projects in this situation, then you would have to create multiple projects to match in Atlas, then link them to Jira via the "Where is work tracked?" field.

This is just one example of use. You can just easily link the project to a Confluence Space, page, or to a 365 spreadsheet, or other tool.

Both tools are very flexible. Atlas is incredibly powerful in its simplicity and flexibility. It will establish a clear communication loop for stakeholders and contributors. It will also allow your business to form a paradigm of use that adds the best value..

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Atlassian Team
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July 24, 2023

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for the feedback. I would echo what Diogo has so helpfully stated already - that it's epics that more naturally map to what we intend projects in Atlas to be. We're aware that this creates a nomenclature problem that we do need to solve, as Atlas projects are not the same as Jira projects.

Equally, we also recognise that we need to add greater flexibility to our Jira integration, given the many varied ways that people use Jira. I don't know if this means we will allow a direct project to project connection but it's definitely something we intend to explore.



Ana Pinto July 28, 2023

HI Mark,


I would like to build up on what Kenneth wrote.

A project might have several epics involved to reach completion, and as so, to properly have a high level view of the project it would be extremely important that for 1 project in Atlas we could add in "Where is Work Tracked" field several epics from Jira.

Without this the use of Atlas is restricted to small projects, and even for those we will not be able to have a clear general view.

Hope it is possible to add this feature, as I would really like to use this Atlas tool in my day-to-day.

Thank you.

Ana Pinto

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darntough March 4, 2024

Hi All,

At the risk of necro-posting - is there any update on this feature? I would very much like to use Atlas to track Epics across Jira boards and be able to also wrap in Asana items as well under a single Atlas Project. 

Thank you,



Casper Rubæk October 14, 2023

I would love this feature as well 😀

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