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functionality of Folders in Adaptavist - can they work based on any "active" criteria?

Scott Nowacki October 3, 2019

hey Guys. 
My question is about ^ Folders in Adaptavist. 
Till now I was not able to understand the aim of them, since I can not find any option to make them filter-dependent or field-depended. 

I would like these folders to be "active", meaning, gathering content - in my case its for Tests - base on some criteria, eg. filter or fields etc. 

Do any of you have any idea if this is possible and if so, how can I enable such functionality in my Adaptavist Cloud version?


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Daniel Saunders October 4, 2019

Hi Scott,

Would you be able to raise this with our Support Team by submitting a ticket via our Support Portal. We will be happy to help and discuss this further.

Kind Regards,

Scott Nowacki October 4, 2019

Hey Daniel, 

thanks for reply but since I do not have SEN number I cannot send and request view Support Porta. 

That's why I decided to do it here. 


Daniel Saunders October 4, 2019

Hi Scott,

For now, you can leave the SEN number blank. However, in the future we will need the SEN number, please see the link here on how to obtain your SEN. I'll be happy to answer any more queries regarding this in the ticket if needed.

Kind Regards,


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