You keep your promises, Quick Subtasks for Jira

I remember the wind was howling and tree branches were scraping across the windows, it was a rather gloomy day. The same day we decided to split our Jira Board into two. The idea was one board would be used for user stories containing business deliverables while the other was used to assign specific, workable sub-tasks to developers. This was great, except we found ourselves creating similar sub-tasks over and over… and over again! This was time consuming and caused some frustration amongst the team. We kept asking ourselves, why do we need to create the same sub-tasks repeatedly?

To clear the air, we decided to take a trip to one of our favorite spots, the Atlassian Marketplace. A quick search with the keyword ‘subtask’ is all it took for this gloomy day to turn around. The clouds started to clear up and we saw rays of sunshine pierce through the sky. Little did we know that this simple search would mold the way we manage stories and sub-tasks going forward.

You came in, fixed our sub-task issue and you have been by our side every day since. Quick Subtasks for Jira is a very easy, caring and faithful tool that is proven to respect you and your organization. You auto-generate additional sub-tasks such as ‘tech write-ups’ or ‘integration tests’ that are needed for every software deploy in our organization. Although you are unsupported by Atlassian, we look forward to having you by our side as we progress our business.

Thank you, Quick Subtasks for Jira.



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