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Work Timeline Chart for scrum teams

We are thrilled to announce that View26 Scrum Manager, the winner of the DevOps Category in Codegeist 2021, has just released an exciting new feature called Work Timelines Chart. This new feature provides a graphical visualisation of the Jira issue activity for team members involved in the sprint.


Scrum Masters can now gain a comprehensive overview of sprint execution immediately after the daily Sprint ceremony, thanks to this latest release. The Work Timelines Chart offers a powerful toolset that enables teams to enhance their workflow in the following ways

  • Gain a Clearer Picture of Work in Progress: The chart displays the status of all issues in the sprint, making it easy for teams to identify which tasks are completed, in progress, or blocked.
  • Identify and Tackle Bottlenecks: By utilising the chart, teams can quickly pinpoint any issues that are taking longer than anticipated to complete. This valuable insight enables them to address potential bottlenecks in the development process promptly.
  • Track Progress Over Time: The chart’s functionality includes tracking progress over time, allowing teams to monitor their performance and ensure they are on track to achieve their sprint goals.


The Work Timelines Chart proves to be an invaluable asset for any team utilising Jira to manage their agile projects. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it an ideal solution for gaining a better understanding of work in progress, identifying bottlenecks, and monitoring progress over time.

Try it for yourself at the Atlassian Marketplace for free! ✨



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