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Why would Jira Cloud app be the best CRM for IT companies?

The B2B segment for IT companies is huge and getting bigger and bigger every day. In terms of customer interaction, the main difference between B2B and, say, B2C is the length of the sales cycle. For B2B in IT, it is important to maintain a personal relationship with a customer in the hope of long-term cooperation. And IT companies have this need to improve customer service.
But then there is the question - what CRM system is the best to use if you or your team have been working with Jira for a long time and are only about to choose the right one?

What is important when choosing a CRM for B2B in IT?

  • Focus on data

A system should have hundreds or maybe thousands of fields of information. As you will probably be dealing with different users from the same company. Therefore, the foundation of such structure is not customers – it's accounts. 

  • Focus on the sales cycle

A system should visualize and optimize the company's sales processes. So the sales manager will not waste time entering data or filling out forms, but interacts directly with the customer. 

  • Automation of reporting 

How many times have you encountered a customer requesting reports on the tasks completed and the time spent on them? This is usually inconvenient and time-consuming. That is why it is necessary for the system to store information about both customers and tasks which need to be fulfilled concerning a certain company.

We have decided with the characteristics.Next we will compare 3 options on how you can build a customer management process: external CRM, Google Sheets, Jira Cloud app.

External CRM:
Many IT companies actively use external CRM. But this system is quite big, with functionality which IT companies sometimes do not use (or which, on the contrary, complicates the work of project managers), because they do not conduct such active sales and are more focused on working with companies, not with specific people.

Also, everything rests on the budget of the organization - some can't afford an external CRM, because its cost quite high.

Learning how a CRM system works is difficult for employees. Because it is a new program, not everyone can figure out the instructions.

Google spreadsheets:
A very common problem that users face are work speed and minimal features.

Google spreadsheets are inconvenient for building a relationship with a client. There can be a large number of requests from the client - and there's a risk of not finding them in the table.

Besides, if you work as an account manager in Google table you won't be able to view the history of each client's request - which employees managed the company's project, which tasks were completed.

Every time you need to change the status of a project or a project task, you have to do it manually.

Jira app:
As an IT company, you probably have Jira, which is used by developers, QA, and other engineers. Jira can also be customized for the sales department with CRM for Jira.
The benefits of our app are:
-storage of all customer interaction information in one place: contacts, sales and related tasks, projects;
-familiar interface and customization of any workflow with the client thanks to the wide functionality of Jira;
-cheaper if you buy an app for Jira rather than a separate software;

In Jira you can create a project and set up statuses for it, in order to understand the stage of this or that deal. And you can also create a task and configure its type (what entities will be inside the project). Here is where all the usefulness of our CRM app, which works in conjunction with Jira, comes into play. Inside the CRM entity, you'll have customer and company information stored. When the task moves to negotiation status, you'll be able to enter a deal budget by customizing the date, description, status and cost.

Jira also has linkage between the account department and the other team. You can also bind tasks and view them in Jira, and then get reports afterwards if necessary.

You will have access to view dashboard analytics, where you will see the number of deals in "negotiation", "closed", and "missed" status. The project manager does not work with directories - he works with projects and with each deal individually. Therefore, the analytics that the system produces will help him or her identify errors at certain stages.

If you haven't made up your mind yet, we suggest you review our app. CRM for Jira Cloud is a powerful customer relationship management platform without additional infrastructure costs. Facilitate the work of your employees, store customer and project data in one place and, of course, increase the level of interaction with your customers. Learn more about the product - join a demo via link.



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