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Use SIL to the maximum Part 1


In this article I would like to talk abut SIL. We all know SIL because of its routines which let us automate our actions in Atlassian Jira and Confluence. We write our routines in the SIL Manager menu option and most of us do not use other menu options which are available for SIL. Here are all these menu options:

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 09.02.33.png

In this article I will discuss all menu options except SIL Manager to let you know how many more features are available in SIL.

All these options are available for the SIL engine which means that it is all free for you.

Custom Field Usage

This menu option provides you with information on how each custom field is used in your Jira. Vendor's information is available here.

You can find all custom fields in the cog item -> Issues -> Custom Fields menu.

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 15.23.43.png

Here is how the screen looks if you click the Custom Field Usage menu option:

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 09.05.58.png

As you can see you have a select field called Custom Field which contains the list of all custom fields in your Jira. The list shows a limited amount of custom fields that is why you can start typing the name of the custom field you need and the list will be filtered by the letters you typed:

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 09.05.58.png

After you selected the field you need to click on it:

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 09.08.27.png

You can see the SIL aliases for the field, screens and projects where the field is used and also the lines of code where the custom field is used.

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 17.25.26.png

At the moment of writing this article there is an open bug CADS-6237 which says that the References part is not showing lines of code where the custom field is used. That is true. I had to modify the code of the SIL engine to make the References part work properly for this article that is why in the screenshot above the References part contains rows with scripts where the custom field is used.


Part 2



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