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The new era of SLA Management: Next-Gen SLAs

2021 is here with new opportunities and beginnings. We have planned many exciting things for 2021 and it's time to reveal the first one!

The new era of SLA management has arrived with an augmented SLA configuration, improved performance and a sleek new design. 

We are introducing Time to SLA 10.0 — Next-Gen SLAs (BETA)! - It is packed with new SLA configuration possibilities, improved performance and a brand new design. 


Enhanced SLA Configuration

With Next-Gen SLAs, Time to SLA is more powerful than before. One of the new next-gen features is field value conditions such as the ability to pause an SLA when the assignee field is empty or a field has a certain value (or not). What is more, you can apply your next-gen SLA configuration to the existing issues easily by just regenerating your SLA.

Multiple start and stop conditions is another powerful feature. With Next-Gen SLAs, it’s possible to combine an unlimited number of status, field, date and comment options, giving you greater flexibility within your SLA management.

Lastly, you can define multiple SLA Goals for a single SLA. Gone are the days of creating multiple SLAs with the same start/stop conditions and different durations or priorities. Now you can simply create a single SLA, configure your start and stop conditions once, then create different SLA goals with JQL and/or priority. The possibilities are limitless.


Improved Performance

Next-Gen SLAs works with a new Incremental Calculation Engine. We now calculate SLAs incrementally and only deal with new changes. This means that there will be a lower impact on issue transition and edit durations, which ultimately creates an improved overall performance. Check it out:

SLA calculations from scratch (both regeneration and new issues) are up to 400% faster.

SLA calculations on issue changes (e.g. issue transition, comment on issue, edit, etc.) are up to 3x faster!


Brand New Design

Our new design gives you more control over your configurations. You can see all SLA start, stop, reset and pause conditions, plus SLA goals within a single page. We’ve packaged it up into a more compact design for greater ease of use. After all, good things come in small packages.


This is just the beginning of a really exciting journey. We’re going to be working alongside our clients to develop this new chapter within Time to SLA, based on their needs and direct feedback. 

Please let us know what you think!




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Courtney Boyle
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
January 7, 2021

Great sounds exciting!open-app.png

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