The Art of Bug Reporting

Creating the correct bug reports is really an art. They are the main communication between QA and the developer. And their quality definitely affects both the speed of fixing a single bug and the correct functioning of the program.

Let's discuss this "art" and understand how to create bug reports as Jira issues.


Bug Report Structure

If you're seeking an illustration of a bug report, we suggest commencing with the fundamental principles. Specifically, consider the roster of essential elements that should be encompassed in a bug report. Here are the 10 necessary components of every bug report.

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At this point, you know to craft a bug report within manual testing. You've gained insights into crafting a report that developers will genuinely appreciate. Keep the bug report outline handy and leverage it effectively. 😉

Attachments in bug reports

We can conditionally divide the attachments that illustrate a bug into two types: screenshots and video recordings of the screen.

They play perhaps the most crucial role in understanding the bug. Visual communication is much more transparent and more precise. Plus, it's faster to take a screenshot or record a video than to write whole poems to developers, describing the bug in literary terms. 

Issue Creator for Jira Cloud will help you improve your bug visualization skills by 10x. 

And here are the Use Cases for using the app's features:

1️⃣ Screenshot with annotations. Add comments, corrections, or clarifications to a live web page, select the desired type of screenshot, and send it directly to the Jira issue.


2️⃣ Video recording of the screen. Record the bug playback scenario and the bug itself on video. Believe me, a video is worth a thousand words. This way of presenting information will be more valuable to the developer than a long verbal description.


3️⃣ Operations with visual elements on a web page + screenshot of changes. Make changes to the webpage directly on it, record the changes with a screenshot, and send it to your front-end developer. This way, you visualize the changes for yourself and have an understanding of how it will look, and give the developer a clear task of what you expect from them.


Reporting bugs in Jira

With Issue Creator, you can do more than take screenshots, record videos, etc. It allows you to create full-fledged bug reports in the form of Jira issues and immediately send all the content you create to the issue.


And... everything is simple. You don't need a lot of tools to create a bug report; you don't need to switch between Jira and the subject of your report. Everything happens within a single browser tab, which saves you time.

Instead of conclusion

Mastering the art of bug reporting is not an easy thing. It's impossible to become a true master overnight, but you must constantly learn, practice, and hone your skills.

And, of course, you shouldn't neglect your time. That's why Issue Creator for Jira Cloud will be a great assistant and guide to the visual communication world.

Try it today to stay one step ahead >> Here's a 30-day free trial.

See you in the SaaSJet team!



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