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Refined Recommended Results

Will Baltazar October 20, 2022

Is anyone else also experiencing issues with Recommended Results through the Refined Confluence Cloud App? Specifically, the Link Names that displays under Recommended Results are for results whose Match Names don't match the query. I have a ticket with Refined that has been open for 3 weeks now, but it hasn't been resolved yet. This is a big issue for us as we are using it to pilot Knowledge Base internal to our business. I was curious how wide spread this was.

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Raj - Refined November 4, 2022

Hi Will!

Raj from Refined here, and just adding some info for anyone that might come across this - this was a bug in the Refined for Confluence Cloud app, a fix for which has since been released: 

Thanks for reporting this one Will, and please feel free to reach out at any time should you have any more feedback or questions for us.

Best regards, Raj Sehmi (Refined)

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