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Octo feature update - Jira component management hierarchy! 🤩

Hello community,


We have an exciting new Octo release to share with you!



As you know, components are a great way to structure issues in Jira; especially when you’re working with reporting and automation. What Octo does, if you’re not familiar with the app, is allow you to create and manage components across all your Jira projects from a single, centralized view. 


Why add component hierarchy to Octo?

What component hierarchy does is provide a focused scope of responsibility for individual components, while showcasing the relationship between them. With hierarchy, components can then have both: structure and flexibility! Which brings us to our latest Octo release…


New tab: Component hierarchy

As you access the Octo app through your Apps menu in Jira, you can see 3 tabs at the top of your page: Components, Component Releases, and Component Hierarchy; the latter is a brand new tab!



Tag your components with a label

The Component Hierarchy tab, as the name suggests, is where you get to build hierarchy by tagging your components with a label. 



By clicking on the arrow next to any component, you can see all of the components under it; basically, if your component label has an arrow next to it, then it has sub-components for sure. 


Drag and drop to build hierarchy



The new feature allows you to build component hierarchy easily, by dragging and dropping components under any label you want. You get to shuffle components around, in whichever hierarchy works for you and your team. And it all happens instantly!

Plus, you can go down to as many levels as you want; there’s no limit to how much you can sub-categorize your components.


View hierarchy in Jira issue panel

When creating an issue in Jira, Octo allows you to tag that issue on the spot and with multiple components if you so wish, by clicking on the Components button at the top. 




Octo then allows you to filter your issues by component so you can, for example, see how much time was spent on the Jira issues connected to that specific component.

What’s really cool about the new feature however, is that you can go a step further and view all your sub-components in the Jira issue panel itself, under Component Hierarchy! And if you’d rather not, you can as easily disable this function in Project Settings.

What we’re really trying to do with Octo here is turn component management in Jira, known as a tedious and technical process, into something simple and easy for everyone involved. We hope we’re succeeding!




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Jessi Ross
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
January 12, 2022

Did this release break the ability to select a component lead, by any chance? I used to be able to set the component lead, and now I get "no options" when I try to find any name:Octo Issue.jpg

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Priscila Calisto February 17, 2022

Hello @Jessi Ross !

Here is Priscila from Jexo! Apologize for the delayed response.
Thanks for reporting it! It's indeed is a bug. I was able to reproduce the issue as you described here. I've created an internal bug for this issue and we will keep you informed once there's any news to share!

Please feel free to contact us via the Octo Service Desk portal!
All the best,

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Priscila Calisto February 21, 2022

Hello @Jessi Ross 

It seems that this behavior is related to the missing Browse users and global permissions. Could you please try granting the group Atlassian-addons-admin?

To do that,

  • Access the Global permissions
  • Look for Browse users and groups
  • Add the Atlassian-addons-admin to that group.


Let me know if it solves the problem!
All the best,
Priscila Marques!

Priscila Calisto March 9, 2022

Hello @Jessi Ross, I hope you're doing well!

I would like to know if you had the chance to read my previous message. 
Could you please try granting the group Atlassian-addons-admin?

Looking forward to your reply!

Best Regards,
Priscila Marques. 

Jessi Ross
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
March 9, 2022

It worked - thank you! 

Priscila Calisto March 9, 2022

@Jessi Ross You're welcome! Happy to hear that it worked. Have a great rest of the week! :) 

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