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New cloud app roundup: June and July 2020

New cloud apps have been popping up in the Marketplace this summer like wildflowers in Montana. They are everywhere and they are all different types!

                                         Image from iOS (8).jpg

After wrapping up our annual hackathon Codegeist in July, we had an even larger influx of new cloud apps these last few months. It’s hard to mention all the new apps that have been released in the last few months but here are a few highlights that stood out and why you may be interested in checking them out.


New Jira apps

Elements Connect (formerly nFeed) Cloud server.png

Say goodbye to data duplication! This popular server app has now been brought to cloud and allows users to bring their external data inside Jira issues. Query data from a SQL database, an LDAP, a REST API or your local Jira. Decide how to display your data with configurable HTML and native AUI components.

Chat for JIRA Service Desk Cloud cloud first (1).png

Supercharge your Jira Service Desk experience with this widget for live chat. Customer can initiate a chat simply by clicking on a button and agents can see all active chats and archived chats. Create issues directly from the chat for any further action needed.

Issue Matrix Cloud server.png

Now available in cloud, this popular server app allows users to create sub-tasks, link issues and improve visibility of issues and user stories. Add extra fields to filter by user needs and visualize them as a column of sub-tasks, linked issues, or Stories in Epics, without the need to open them individually.

Velocity Sprint Planning & Tracking cloud first (1).png

Easily plan sprints based on your team's previous velocities with this sprint planning app. Take into account individual velocities to accurately reflect your sprint depending on what team workers may be out. Track your sprints with this visual planning app!

Team Worklog Reports Lite cloud first (1).png

Get detailed user work log report hour by hour and filtered by users, projects, groups or custom fields. Gather data by different time periods to get total summaries and details on time spent for full reports. Then export data to xls file and use them for presentations.

mabl for Jira Cloud server.png

Create automated end-to-end tests in minutes - no scripting or technical skills required with this popular testing integration. Capture issue details in Jira directly from mabl test results, including screenshot at the point of failure and gain access to the mabl test from the Jira issue.

Gamma People Centric Security cloud first (1).png

One negligent employee could cost your company a decade worth of reputation and millions of dollars in one go. This app allows admins to choose the sensitive information that Gamma should monitor and train Jira users proactively not to share. It’s the first predictive people centric security solution designed to prevent and coach your employees against malicious and negligent security blunders.

Asset Management for Jira cloud first (1).png

See details about an asset directly from within a Jira issue with this new cloud app. Instead of tracking all your assets in a csv. you can import them to this app with just a few clicks. Managing assets is easy with the app's configure additional asset types via a drag and drop editor.

AIO Tests for Jira cloud first (1).png

A new test management app that simplifies entire testing lifecycle with traceability from requirements to cases, to executions and defects. With a simple interface, customers can quickly get you started with intuitive case creation to flexible organization in folders and sets. Get a complete picture of your project’s testing status with insightful reports right from the app.


Considering Cloud? Check out the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant with enhanced app assessment features to help you identify the apps you need in cloud. App Assessment is the best way to understand what apps you’re currently using, what’s available in the marketplace, and how to make decisions on which apps to bring to cloud.

New Confluence apps

LaTeX for Confluence cloud first (1).png

Ever need to display math equations in Confluence? Then this app is for you. Use the LaTex macro to convert and display latex mathematical formulas on Confluence pages.  It also includes packages for Units, Chemistry and Physics equations!

Automatic Archiving for Confluence Cloud cloud first (1).png

Automate the manual tracking of your Content Lifecycle in Confluence Cloud. Discover outdated content and archive it automatically to regularly clean up your spaces. Configure rules for automatic archiving of outdated content, without ever losing it.

Ideation Cloud server.png

Empower  the innovation process inside your organization with this server app now available for cloud. Let users share thoughts and suggest new ideas and bring users to contribute in Confluence by creating ideas using our Blueprint.

Buttons for Confluence cloud first (1).png

Use the Buttons macro to add styling to hyperlinks in Confluence by creating dedicated buttons or groups of dedicated buttons. With over 20 different styles of buttons, this app makes them easy to set up and easy to manage.

Comala Read Confirmations cloud first (1).png

Assign team members to read Confluence pages, and keep track of who has read them with this new app. Users confirm reading with a simple click, and authors can request new people to read the document at any time. If the content of the page changes, send out a new request for confirmation from the previous assignees.

Questions & Answers Cloud server.png

Make answers easy to find by searching, filtering, and sorting by question title, content, tag, space for each relevant question. This app allows users to ask questions when they need, share knowledge by answering questions, vote for best questions or answers, and share questions/answers with coworkers.

Time Tracking for Confluence Cloud cloud first (1).png

Log working time on specific pages in Confluence with this time tracking app. Export login history on specific pages to a .csv file and use a report dashboard to show the login work time for the current user. Handy for tracking time spent on projects that are primarily done in Confluence.

Chemistry Toolkit for Confluence cloud first (1).png

Have you ever needed to include chemical structure in Confluence? With this simple app, users can use SMILE format text to create chemical structures for their Confluence pages. Color elements are automatically added to help differentiate elements for easy viewing.

Excel for Confluence Cloud server.png

Organize content with a set of business oriented macros on Confluence. This new to cloud version of the longtime server app allows users to add useful updates like showing a page status with a progress bar, adding tabs to your pages (with colors!) and enhancing navigation with your choice of horizontal or vertical navigation.

Progress Bar for Confluence cloud first (1).png

Progress bars make it quick and easy to understand how far along a project is. Create easy-to-use visualization of all the stages of a documented process with progress bars and their corresponding stages in Confluence.

Lango: Language and translation manager cloud first (1).png

Enable multi-language support for your content on Confluence with this app. The app adds a simple popup to each page with a list of available translations and a toolset to manage localizations for globally distributed teams. With over 40+ languages supported, this app can help you easily create localized content.

Spectrum Formatting Macros Cloud server.png

This popular server app uses these set of macros to organize and use all your Confluence content. Add menus, tabs, and even progress bars   to your pages and use colors to make menus, tabs and bars pop on the page.

Considering Cloud? Check out the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant with enhanced app assessment features to help you identify the apps you need in cloud. App Assessment is the best way to understand what apps you’re currently using, what’s available in the marketplace, and how to make decisions on which apps to bring to cloud.

Bonus App

Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Cloud Cloud server.png

Awesome Graphs provides illustrative graphs and charts to visualize the contribution statistics in Git repositories. You get analytical data for monitoring, reporting and planning, and aggregate statistics of all repositories of a user or a team.

Looking for more cloud apps? Well, there are lots of new apps to check out. Head to the Atlassian Marketplace to browse more of the cloud apps that have recently been added.


                                                         Browse new cloud apps!

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Kat Warner
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
August 25, 2020

EasyTime for Jira Cloud was released in July and it won an Honourable Mention prize in Atlassian Codegeist 2020!


Do you wish your timesheet would fill itself out? With EasyTime, work logs are added to tickets automatically when you spend time on the issue view, when you add a comment, and when resolving tickets.

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