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Marketplace App Review badge results - Part 2

On the first of November, Emilee Spencer from the Atlassian team inticed the community to leave 2 helpful reviews on the Atlassian Marketplace with the Marketplace App Review badge.

This is part 2. Part 1 is here.

Flow Board


If you are using Confluence, but don't use tools like Jira, Trello to manage your personal tasks, then Flow Board is a great plugin for you! Our HR team used it to manage the recruitment process, from resume storage to resume warehousing, to invitation interviews, to participate in retests, etc. We entered each candidate information into the card as management, tracking progress, and transparent Chemical. - Ollie Guan

HideElements for Confluence


Time for an update - we are using this app for over three years now and it's awesome how great it works! One of the most used apps in our system - hard to imagine how we would work without HideElements. Nothing you could not hide with this macro - here a maybe useful tip for people who would like to try css-selector :D If you want to hide just 'Create' Button and show '...' (create from template) use #quick-create-page-button in css-selector field - works perfect for me. So many great opportunitys! --------------------------------------------------- A great add-on which is totally easy to use. Makes it super easy to create clean pages! - Fabienne Gerhard

Insight - Asset Management

Well-rounded, easy to pick up CMDB app. Integration with Jira is great : customizable fields, reporting in one click, Flexible and efficient data imports. Support is really active and improvements are continuous. Expensive, but this is the swedish quality ! - Antoine Berry

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)


Quick and thorough support when I needed it! Tool does exactly what we needed and will vastly increase productivity. David provided excellent options that solved the problem we needed to address. - John Funk

JQL Booster Pack


Wow, really useful addon, it's amazing how you can improve your JQLs. It works like a charm and the support is superb so four stars app, Well done! - Javier Fernandez Sainz

JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

We manage a lot of different Jira instances and have found that this is a required plugin for all of our Jira instances. The ability to configure workflows with the built in conditions and validators from JSU are used on almost all our workflows. - Mark Lang

JSU makes creating robust workflows easy. For admins that want an easy way to implement more complex workflows without having to know how to write any scripts. Make sure you pay attention to the proper order of operations or else the JSU might not work. The JSU documentation usually tells you this but not always and you may have to play around with it. Sometimes the documentation is not robust enough but the support team is excellent at answering questions. - Brant Schroeder

Macro Documentation for Confluence


A fellow Atlassian Community Leader recommended this app and I really like it. Fast and easy way to document all your installed macros. - Mikael Sandberg

Optimizer for Jira (Cleaner for Jira)


This is one of the most useful Add-ons for a Jira Admin. It makes my task so easy while assessing my customers instances. I shared it with my team, they couldn't disagree that it is very handy. - Fadoua Boualem

Portfolio for Jira


Works great and gives us great current sprint and cross team project visibility. It's nice to be able to roll up team portfolios to an upper management portfolio to give them visibility into what all is going and how progress is being made. - Davin Studer

Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards


This app really enhances Jira dashboard possibilities a lot! It enables users to use dynamic dashboards to make easily find the tickets and information they need. Finding old tickets with the same topic, other tickets by one reporter etc. - with the help of some dynamic filter this is no problem and makes Jira also easier to use for business people that are not so familiar with the power of the Jira search. - Christian Pascher

ScriptRunner for Jira

Scriptrunner is an instrumental part of our Jira set up, and besides the listeners I really like that you can hide some of the buttons using script fragments. They have an awesome support team and you can expect to get an answer very fast. - Mikael Sandberg


We support a lot of separate Jira instances and this is a require app for all of them. It is useful to the end users for helping in queries and is great for the support team on the built in scripts. Their support is incredible and has either answered our questions or extended functionality on several occasions to meet our needs. - Mark Lang


Scriptrunner is an excellent app and is by far the best app for more complex workflows in Jira. You are able to do so many things via simple scripting. Over the years the Adaptavist team has continued to build out the number of delivered scripts making it easier to implement complex functionality in workflow. I also appreciate how light the app is. It updates quickly and runs quickly on the server. Documentation is sometimes out of date but you can usually find answers in community. - Brant Schroeder


If I could only install one app this would be my go-to hands down. Simply because it combines so many apps in one ! Extended JQL, automation, workflow customisation, create your own mini-plugins inside the plugin. It allowed me to answer 90% of the business needs. Not to mention online support and documentation is top of the class as well. - Antoine Berry

Scroll ImageMap for Confluence

A great helpful app on an acceptable price! We are using it on documentations for machines and buildings (on the pics of course). Easy to understand and to work with! Fills a gap in Confluence for more visualisation. What would be great: - Links to subheaders - Change colors of interactive areas - Images as popups (more detailed images of the area maybe) All together an awesome app we love using in our system! - Fabienne Gerhard

Slack for Confluence


I wanted to try out this marketplace app to connect the spaces I use in confluence with my slack channels. Unfortunately I received the error message "only site administrators can start trials for paid apps, and unfortunately, you are not one of them. Contact your site administrator to start a trial for this app.". It would be much more useful if it was a true 30 day trial where you could use the app without it being tied to a credit card (or an auto renew after the 30 days). - Jodi LeBlanc

STAGIL Assets - Advanced Links

It works really well. Very useful, there are a lot of complex scenarios where you can apply this addon and the support team is really good. - Javier Fernandez Sainz

synapseRT - Test Management for Jira


For Chinese users, this is a very good test management tool, especially the translation of the Chinese part, fully fit the habits of Chinese users. The plug-in covers test case management, test plan, requirement tracking, defect reporting, etc. I think it can be applied to a variety of software development processes, whether it is the traditional waterfall model software development process or the lightweight Scrum mode. - Ollie Guan

S/Notify Email Encryption for Confluence

This App has very great support! We needed to deploy a plugin to encrypt one particular space, but the previous version plugin didn't this function. Metin from Vendor support contacted me, offered me the opportunity to be tester a new version of the plugin, and eventually kept in touch until the final new version was released - just awesome! I recommend this App, the encryption of a space/spaces works great. - Pavel Junek

Table Grid Editor


Hi! I have listened a lot of times in AUG meetups, table grid editor has good functionality, but if you want to show what is super Jira slow you can install work with your app more and more. A few month ago I have installed and I fully understood about that problem. Reuse a full connection pull to DB, unneccessary object in heapdump. I hope you will fix it. Thanks Cheers, Gonchik Tsymzhitov

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence


It comes in very handy to really enhance tables in Confluence. Additionally, creating charts from data on the fly? No problem. Finally being able to properly copy tables. Awesome! Thanks a lot! :) - Max Foerster

Tempo Timesheets


I have only recently started to use Tempo timesheets, but it has been absolutely great. Recording time or submitting them both is a dream. Coming from a 'non-technical' background its intuitive design has certainly made life incredibly easy for me and the company. - Poorvi Jhawar

The Scheduler

This app is essential to my team. It allows me to set up repeating tasks that appear just in time for the relevant sprint. This app is used for weekly repeating tasks, monthly maintenance tasks, creating JSD tickets to send monthly reports to customers with pre-filled recipients, and more. - Kat Warner

Xray Test Management for Jira

We migrated to Xray test management for Jira from zephyr and have not looked back since. The first moment into Xray can be daunting with so many structures and issue types. But as you get the hang of it, it is very helpful. The REST interface from Xray is particularly designed nicely and we should be able to export the results and components easily through the API. The best part is the cost which definitely is a very good catch for a good tool with potential to bring up a lot under its hood. - Vinubabu S N

Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence

If you want to know how many people visit your space on Confluence, that is the best addon to choose. Please keep up the good work! - Mirek

WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira


I am rating this 3 out of 4 stars because I am taking into consideration that this is still in beta and it is being provided as a free plugin while in beta (I assume that it will become paid when it is out of beta and they have been able to address the bugs and feature requests). That being said, this does allow my team to quickly status some of the information for their tasks (start/finish date, percent complete, etc.) directly from the gantt chart view or from the ticket itself which is a huge time saver. If the team was able to also add comments from the gantt view, that would make it much more useful. As the project manager that is trying to bring a bit more agility to the team while still needing to provide a more traditional WBS view for the projects to the company execs, this tool has a lot of potential to be very useful as it gets more mature. - Paul Mata



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Community Manager
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December 3, 2019

@Kat Warner  This is a great write up! Thanks for taking the time to put this together 🎉

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Kat Warner
Marketplace Partner
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December 3, 2019

No problem @Emilee. It seemed a shame that all the good work was not easily visible. When I started I did not expect it to take so long and need to be separated into 2 parts though!

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Javier Fernandez _Madrid_ December 3, 2019

Thanks @Kat Warner, I love to summarize and visualize the work, it´s a great way to see our impact in the Community. Well done!

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Andy - PTC Redundant
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February 26, 2020


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