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Learn How Gliffy Helped Build The Atlassian Marketplace

This year marks 13 years of Gliffy + Atlassian ❤️. Since Gliffy's inception, we've worked with Atlassian to help code Gliffy's diagram tool, build initial app integrations within Confluence/Jira, and even conceptualize what is now the Atlassian Marketplace.

We thought it would be fun to invite the community to stroll down memory lane with some of our favorite early Gliffy + Atlassian milestones-and-moments.



2006 | First integrations

A year after Gliffy was founded, one of our co-founders, Chris Kohlhardt, met one of Atlassian’s CEOs, Mike Cannon-Brookes via a cold email. The email described a vision for Atlassian, similar in vein to what is now the powerhouse Atlassian Marketplace.

Together, Chris and Mike coded Gliffy’s initial integration.

By November 2006 we had paying customers! During this time Mike signed on as an advisor to Gliffy for two years.


2007 | Gliffy for Confluence 1.2

Just a few months after the original version of the Gliffy plugin, Team Gliffy released a second version of Gliffy for Confluence.

This was our first big step in making the most streamlined experience possible for our users. To this day we’ve continued to build, expand and improve this experience.




2008 | Gliffy attends first-ever Atlas Camp

Team Gliffy went to Atlassian’s first AtlasCamp, a low-key retreat in Santa Rosa.

Atlassian’s first retreat was an opportunity to come together in a casual environment for a little learning and a lot of fun. Since 2008, we’ve enjoyed how far AtlasCamp has come, including taking us all the way to Barcelona.


2009 | Original Atlassian Summit

Team Gliffy signed on to be one of Atlassian’s original sponsors. The first Summit had no more than four hundred attendees. Everyone got together for some product releases, breakout sessions and, yup, beer-chugging.




2010 | Gliffy Pirates raid the Summit!

Gliffy Pirates raided the second annual Atlassian Summit. Jon Silvers, Director of Content Marketing for Atlassian brilliantly describes this chilling occasion:

Now here’s the thing: when you see one technical presentation after another, you come to realize that they only way a presenter can truly differentiate his or her presentation is by dressing as a pirate.

And that’s just what the good folks at Gliffy did.

Taking the stage by storm, this scurrilous and dangerous crew gave a presentation to end all presentations. First, they revealed a secret treasure map that led the audience along a harrowing trail of new features and improvements in Gliffy 3.0 for Confluence and JIRA. Then, they demonstrated new diagramming capabilities, a new template browser, and a very popular “Aaaargh” chart.

You can check out the full Captain’s Log here.


2011 | All in the Confluence editor

In 2011, Gliffy moved one step closer to creating our now seamless experience in Confluence.

Here, we got rid of the toggles between editing a diagram from the Confluence wiki view and updating the diagram layout from the edit view. This laid the foundation to how deeply Gliffy's app could integrate within Atlassian.

With this release everything now happened in-line with the Confluence 4 editor.


2013 | Gliffy joins Atlassian Marketplace

Gliffy joined the Atlassian Marketplace!

With over 20,000 + installations Gliffy is now one of the most-trusted add-ons in the marketplace. And we have all of you to thank for that!


In summation:

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 2.11.08 PM.png




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