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Introducing enhanced Confluence experience powered by Content Viz Base

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January 17, 2023

Ground control to Confluence users: Say hello to the new Content Viz features powered by Content Viz Base. :rocket:

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 11.42.03.png

New year, new enhanced Confluence experience. Yes, you read that right. Caelor’s 2023 mission is all about evolving and elevating the Confluence Cloud experience for all teams; therefore, we present to you: Content Viz Base - your company’s knowledge hub, central repository, multifunctional collaboration tool, and more!

And by more, we mean:

  • more powerful (introducing new :zap:features)

  • more versatile (created to cover a great deal of different and user-requested use cases, such as company intranet)

  • more helpful (introducing more customization options to the People Directory)

  • more user-friendly (taking the navigation experience to a new level)

  • more relevant (displaying targeted, location & audience-specific info)

  • more eye-catching (thanks to the latest MacroSuite integration features that make additional formatting possible)

Yeah, a lot of more-s, but we're ready to back it up. Read on and find out how to power up your Confluence experience and give that extra kick to your productivity.

Almost like an intranet but so much more than that :wink:

Following and expanding the Atlassian Together vision, first, we introduced :sparkles:stylish Content Viz Miro, Figma, Jira, and Trello integrations for Confluence :sparkles:(heads up, more integrations to come). And now, we’re ready to connect teams to make that teamwork a real dream work.
We’re here to help companies increase their Confluence adoption by giving it a modern touch and assist them in turning their Confluence into a company’s intranet, thus making it the go-to workspace for ALL teams.

So, get ready to improve your team cooperation, foster internal communication, boost employee productivity, help co-workers stay connected, and integrate your favorite apps with the Content Viz Base.

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 11.42.08.png

Connect teams - your company's greatest asset

Meet People Directory - the Content Viz people directory. If this rings a bell, allow us to expand. Unlike the default Confluence People Directory, the one that comes with the Content Viz Base will offer more custom options. Meaning? You will get to decide which employee information you want to include and display (e.g., team, location, birthday, etc.) Additionally, you’ll be able to search through and filter out the collected data. Finding the people you need with the skills you miss will feel like a walk in the park. So knock yourselves out: filter, connect, team up and innovate in a few simple clicks.


We LOVE Confluence, but…

Confluence is a bottom-up tool. There isn’t much you can do to improve your navigation experience, control the page layout, organize your Confluence spaces in helpful overviews, etc.

Content Viz Base introduces top-down components to help you navigate your Confluence with ease, allow you to publish blog posts with style, browse through your extensive blog posts repository using advanced search options to find that info hidden deep in the Confluence content pile, and guide you through the information architecture wilderness known as “Spaces.” With the improved and personalized Navigation, new Newsroom, and Space Directory (all part of the Content Viz Base), you’ll be able to do all this without restricting the classical Confluence bottom-up approach, typical for wiki solutions.

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 11.42.14.png

Confluence admins, get ready to take over the Content Viz Base control :joystick:

Discover the power vested in Confluence admins. Explore Integrations and Navigation Menu settings, open the Confluence gateway to your favorite collaboration apps and tools (such as Trello, Jira, Figma, Miro), and create a personalized navigation menu to display audience-specific info, reduce search time, and boost efficiency.

Want to see Content Viz productivity-enhancing work in action? Join us for our Content Viz Base BETA launch! Learn more and sign up here: Content Viz - Caelor

See you when you land there! :wink:

And hey, soon you will be able to build your intranet in the Confluence Cloud with JUST ONE app. How cool is that? Or you can just let your inner child out and combine independent Content Viz features the way you would with Legos to create a use case unique to your business.



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