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How to Use Data Imported from Hubspot in Jira on Your Mobile

It goes without saying that data is vital to any organization. No matter the source, everything can have an impact and help you make very informed decisions for your company. With that in mind, collecting information from different platforms and importing them into one place can be a hassle. That is why platforms such as HubSpot can be a godsend in helping you keep all of your data and findings in one place for easy interpretation. But what happens when you need to use this information in Jira? Well, in that case, you need the right third-party integration, such as Elements Connect. It is the ideal solution to bring data into the system without going through any time-consuming hassles. And, to sweeten the pot, you won't be restricted to using this Jira add-on on your desktop alone. You'll be able to take it to your mobile phone with the help of Mobile for Jira

Data Imported from Hubspot in Jira on Your Mobile.png

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM platform that provides users with a well-rounded marketing experience. It is ideal for your sales, marketing, and customer services teams, as well as different stages of content management, such as blog posts and newsletters. Utilizing all of HubSpot's services allows for a very enhanced workflow.

What is Elements Connect - external data fields?

Elements Connect is a third-party Jira integration that facilitates the transfer of external data inside Jira issues. What it does, is extend the options already available in the pre-existing Jira fields. If your data isn't already on Jira, you can import it from:

  • Rest API
  • CSV files
  • Databases
  • Queries and SQLs
  • CRM
  • LDAP
  • Assets

In addition to other solutions. This allows for more powerful options when configuring for your instance. Such as utilizing HTML data and adding it into custom fields. In turn, you can connect fields together, so that one response depends on the other, and changes to one field can alter the ones coming next, and the options available with it.

What is Mobile for Jira?

As Elements Connect helps you extend Jira's basic functionality, Mobile for Jira helps you take it another step further by making it even more versatile and accessing the integration through your mobile phones. Mobile for Jira is a Jira mobile app that helps teams stay connected on the go and work on Jira issues without needing their desktops. Naturally, that plays a great role in easing the workflow and increasing productivity. 

How can You Use it with Mobile for Jira?

Now, let's take an example of how this app integration would come to fruition.

Say your sales team has accumulated customer information for a particular campaign you just ran through HubSpot and now you need your developers to apply specific promotions to those customers depending on their role in the campaign. Maybe they're getting different percentages off. Or perhaps they are getting free access to particular features for a limited period of time.

  • First, you will integrate Elements Connect with Jira.
  • Second, do the same with HubSpot.
    (By doing that, both connections will now be accessible through Jira.)
  • Third, create custom fields using Elements Connect with HubSpot as data source to import customer information.

(These custom fields can include all the customer information the sales team has gathered as well as the type of deal or promotion they're getting.)

This can help you set up fields that are connected to one another based on details specific to each customer and the promotion they chose. For example, some promotions can be exclusively for specific products. Like products A, B, and C, have 50% of. But products D, E, and F, get 20% off. So when you input 50% promotion, that will trigger the appearance of products A, B, and C to choose from. The same goes, if you switch to the 20% promotion, it will trigger products D, E, and F in the upcoming field.  

Naturally, you have full reign of the types of promotions you can apply and the kinds of custom fields you can create. These fields will be clearly visible once you open this project on your mobile phone through Mobile for Jira. With it, you will be able to import the data from HubSpot with ease.

But this is only one example! With every type of data use, you have a lot of room to grow your work by bringing it into Jira without needing to go out in search of it each time it is needed. (Please note that this option is currently only available on Mobile for Jira through the Data Center, but will hopefully be available on the Cloud soon.)


Bringing your data into Jira can play a large role in improving how each team functions and their access to important information required to fulfill their roles with ease. This can have a positive impact on the company's efficiency. As such, using tools like HubSpot, Elements Connect and Mobile for Jira that enhance a company's workflow is not only preferred, but highly encouraged.

If you're curious to learn more about what you can do with a Jira mobile app, here are 7 Features That Make Mobile for Jira Unique you should check out!



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