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How to Bridge Communication Gap in Jira using BPM Workflow?

Communication is a core element of any relationship. In today's world, that could mean emailing, texting, or calling.  The issues can range from small details to major changes but no matter what the scale, there is always some sort of communication gap that needs to be bridged. Here we are going to take a look at some of the more common challenges and how to overcome them with BPM Workflow.

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What are the reasons for the communication gap in organizations?

There are several different kinds of barriers that lead to a communication gap in an organization:

  • Physical
  • Perceptual
  • Emotional
  • Cultural
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Interpersonal

If your company is experiencing trouble communicating with employees, or if you're an employee and feel that you aren't being included in important decisions, the best thing you can do for yourself and your colleagues is to bring it up with your manager.

What Can Be Done To Improve Communication Between Employees

Having a video chat with someone might be easier and sometimes really efficient. One-to-one interviews give businesses the chance to get to know their employees better than ever before. For employees, one-to-one interviews allow them to ask questions about their working conditions and listen to the management's responses. It also gives the employee the opportunity to grow professionally, learning more about the business and the responsibilities that come with it.

How to bridge gaps between departments?

A closed-loop communication channel is one where information flows in only one direction – from one person to another, with no possibility of feedback or collaboration. This can be difficult to achieve, especially when trying to get multiple people to work on one project, but it is worth it. By having a closed-loop communication channel, you can eliminate the possibility of information being lost in the transmission or misinterpreted. It also means that everyone has the same set of information, which can help simplify the decision-making process.

One way of achieving a closed-loop communication channel is by using dedicated communication apps. For example, Slack is a well-known communication tool that was designed to be used within a team environment to share ideas, coordinate efforts, and get things done. It has a highly active community of users who are always happy to help each other, so if you are stuck, chances are someone else is facing the same issue and can offer help.

Business Process Management Workflow to Stress Reduction

The way you reduce stress depends on you, your team, and the organization you work for. If you are a project manager or HR, you can focus on business process management automation. This can help you reduce your stress level as the project progresses.

The SaaSJet team has developed a BPM add-on to business process management workflow automation for the recurring processes and SOPs implementation. 

The primary problems with the current process are the stages and structure. Automating the process with BPM will standardize subsequent processes and ensure all important steps are completed.

You need no extra knowledge or studies to manipulate the application. The whole process includes all the necessary tasks to run it.

To better understand how it works, check the Business Process Manager video tutorial 

To sum up

The Business Process Manager plugin provides a lot of functionality for making workflows more efficient and standardizing processes. You can try it out with our 30-day trial, or book a demo call with our product manager to see how it can help solve problems and improve business processes in your specific situation.



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