How has our Queues app improved onboarding and allowed Feratel to prioritise tasks? πŸ’¬

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πŸ‘‰ Feratel, a company focused on telecommunication, information, and reservation systems, was facing challenges with managing multiple queues across different Service Desks in Jira. With a need to streamline their processes and improve the performance of their Service Desk agents, Feratel turned to the Queues for Jira Service Management app.

πŸ‘‰ Queues is an extension designed for teams working with multiple Customer Portals, allowing them to manage issues from multiple projects on a single screen. Feratel identified Queues as the solution to reduce the number of queues scattered across Jira and enhance the visibility and efficiency of their Service Desk agents.

πŸ” The primary requirement for Feratel was to have a unified view of queues from different Service Desks in one place. With Queues, their team members are now able to work on multiple queues simultaneously, making it easier to prioritize tasks. The app also allows for the creation of dedicated groups and adding members to them, with the ability to restrict the visibility of queues to specific groups of users.

πŸ” The implementation of Queues at Feratel has resulted in several benefits for the company. Firstly, it has improved the visibility and accessibility of queues for Service Desk agents, allowing them to efficiently manage their tasks and prioritize their work. Secondly, it has simplified the onboarding process for new employees, ensuring that they have access to the relevant queues from the start. Overall, the Queues app has helped Feratel streamline their processes, enhance team collaboration, and improve the performance of their Service Desk agents.

πŸ” The implementation of Queues for Jira Service Management app has proven to be a successful solution for Feratel. With its ability to consolidate queues from multiple projects into a single screen, and the flexibility to create dedicated groups and manage visibility, Queues has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of Feratel's Service Desk operations. The app has simplified onboarding for new employees and provided a streamlined approach to managing queues, resulting in improved team collaboration and productivity.

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