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Enhance Jira's Native Project Templates: A Guide to Leverage Cloned/Predefined Content and Issues!

Jira is a powerful tool for project management, and its native project templates provide a solid foundation for various types of projects. However, if you need more customization and flexibility in creating projects, our "Project Templates for Jira" app is here to enhance your experience. While the app offers the capability to build custom project templates, this article primarily focuses on maximizing the potential of Jira's native project templates. We will explore the possibility to enhance native templates with additional project configuration, project content like components, version and issues and the ability to clone and predefine the project role assignments. Additionally, you'll discover how the app empowers users to create projects without requiring Jira administrator permissions.

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1.βž• Create a Jira Project template

Init enhanced template.gif

Start by creating a project template based on Jira's native templates. This lays the groundwork for further enhancements. Though adding projects to Jira's native template list is not feasible, the app provides a readily accessible global page within the 'Apps' section. This page employs Jira's native design patterns effectively, allowing users to access its templates effortlessly.

2.βš™οΈ Customize Template Settings

enhanced settings lower framerate.gif

Enhance Jira's native template with various settings such as:
  • Project description

  • Project URL

  • Project lead (custom user or project creator)

  • Project category

  • Default assignee (unassigned or project lead)

2.1πŸ›‘οΈ Predefine or Clone Project Role Assignment

enhanced project role assignment lower framerate.gif

Streamline project onboarding by assigning the correct users and groups to project roles right from the start. Clone role assignments from an existing project or predefine them within the template. You can also do both if you want to extend the cloned project role assignment.

2.2🧱 Predefine or clone components

enhanced component lower framerate.gif

Save time by cloning components from an existing project or create a set of predefined components within the template. You can even dynamically assign the component lead to the individual project creator.

2.3πŸš€ Predefine & clone versions

enhanced version lower framerate.gif

Automatically create essential project versions like Proof of Concept, Minimal Viable Product, and beta releases by predefining them. You can even set relative start and release dates for better project planning. Let’s say PoC starts with the project creation and should be finished within 14 days, no problem!

2.4🎫 Predefine or clone issues!

enhanced issue lower framerate.gif

Easily clone generic tasks based on a source project or JQL filter, or set up a set of predefined issues within the template. Define an issue hierarchy, assign fix predefined versions or components, and set relative due dates for efficient task completion.

3.πŸ”’ Allow non-admins to create projects based on the enhanced project template

Permission enhanced .gif

Avoid granting excessive admin permissions by giving specific user groups template-specific project create permission. This helps maintain security and control while enabling non-admin users to create projects based on the enhanced project template.

4.πŸ’― Ready to go!

enhanced activation lower framerate3.gif

Activate the template, and you're all set to create projects based on the enhanced Jira native template.

πŸ“„ Conclusion

By following these steps, you can enhance Jira's native project templates with custom project content and issues, streamlining project initiation and enhancing administrative efficiency. The same process can be applied to create custom project templates based on an existing source project, ensuring projects are created with shared schemes and avoiding technical debt.


πŸ”’ Security Note:

Project Templates for Jira is built on Forge (hosted by Atlassian) with no data egress and no sensitive data stored. It is part of the bug bounty program and has achieved the cloud fortified certification.
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πŸ‘‰ Try Project Templates for Jira

πŸ‘‰ Support and app documentation



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