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Cross Browser Cross Platform Testing with QARA Enterprise

With so many browsers and platforms being used today, software application testing can no longer be confined to one or two browsers or platforms alone. While you have Windows, mac, Opera, Safari, IE and Firefox as the major browsers to consider for web application testing, you have Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, along with their versions, for mobile applications. Cross browser, cross platform testing can involve a lot of repetitive test case executions, which makes it next to impossible with manual testing. However, with new age test automation tools, it has become easier than ever to ensure that your application functions seamlessly across every browser and platform out there.

Need for Cross Browser / Cross Platform Testing

The testing process of any software application cannot be considered complete unless it has been tested for compatibility across the different browsers and platforms available in the market today. Cross browser / cross platform testing is a feature that allows you to test your application under different combinations of browsers, platforms, operating systems and their versions. This eliminates the need to write multiple scripts, one for each browser. Given below are some reasons why you need cross browser/cross platform testing:

  • An application’s performance on one browser or platform cannot be an indicator of its performance on the others.
  • Developing and maintaining separate tests for each browser and platform can be a mammoth task.
  • Executing separate test cases for each browser or platform, and their multiple versions, can be immensely time-consuming and is not recommended.
  • It’s important to ensure that all your users get the desired experience from your application, irrespective of the device, browser or platform they are using.

Using QARA Enterprise for Cross Browser/Cross Platform Testing

In today's mobile environment, it is essential that businesses are reachable across all browsers, platforms, and devices. Complex test automation projects thus demand testing support for a large number of browsers and platforms. Designed with an aim to minimize testing efforts, the cross-browser & cross-platform testing capability of QARA Enterprise, a test automation tool developed by The Digital Group, helps widen the test automation coverage.


The Cross Browser Cross Platform capabilities of QARA Enterprise include the following:

  1. Allows users to run tests against all popular browsers, right from an outdated version of Internet Explorer to upgraded versions of Chrome, Firefox, Phantom and Safari.
  2. Provides a comprehensive solution that supports testing of applications on platforms such as Web, Windows, Mobile and Angular JS.
  3. Allows users to run test applications on devices such as desktops, tablets and phones.
  4. Integration with BrowserStack and Sauce Labs enables users with the valid credentials to test applications against multiple combinations of operating systems and browsers from the QARA Test User Interface.

So, you see that with QARA Enterprise, you can easily ensure that your application performs as desired on every browser and platform. Have you tried it yet? Let us know your experience and share your feedback.



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