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August Updates to Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence & Jira

Hi Community! I’m jumping in with an update on the latest Gliffy releases for all our Confluence and Jira apps. You may have seen or already upgraded to the latest and greatest as we’ve rolled them out over the past two weeks, so here’s what’s new and improved.

New Feature: Pie Charts!

While the Confluence charts macro (just hit the all-powerful “/” and type charts to find it) is a great way to add a simple pie chart, we brought this feature into Gliffy, too! Adding a pie chart alongside your diagram can be a powerful way to add extra context or information to whatever you’re diagramming.

When to use it:

  • Alongside org charts to provide info on your organization’s office locations or most common working hours.
  • While documenting a process to show the frequency of specific outcomes or your expectation of how often the process will generate an outcome.
  • With a wireframe, showing how much traffic to your site comes from desktop, mobile, and tablet users or how much traffic comes from direct vs. organic traffic. 

You can watch the tutorial video here. We hope this is a convenient, helpful way to make your diagrams more impactful. Let me know if you stumble upon any cool uses for this feature!

New Feature: Flowcharting with Gliffy’s Shape Picker

Next up, we’ve got a faster way to flowchart! When you’re diagramming using the basic or flowchart shape library, you’ll have the option to select the next shape in your diagram through a new modal that appears on the drawing board. This means less dragging and dropping shapes from the left side panel, saving you time and keeping your eyes on the prize: your awesome diagram.

You can watch the tutorial video for this new feature here. To try it, make sure you’re drawing with the basic or flowchart shape libraries.

Cloud Migration Assistant Compatibility

We made updates to our Confluence and Jira apps to ensure that migration via Atlassian’s Cloud Migration Assistant is fast and seamless. Migrating with Gliffy has always been easy because your diagrams are stored as attachments on each page, but this update ensures that following Atlassian’s protocol will put you in great shape!

For the most detailed information about using the Cloud Migration Assistants, please review Atlassian’s documentation:

Meeting the Cloud Fortified Standard

In case you missed it, here’s my community post about the impact of Gliffy joining the Cloud Fortified program. We made several changes in these releases that help us monitor our performance in partnership with Atlassian as part of this program.

That’s my rundown! You can always review new features and release info by visiting our What’s New page on Let me know if you have any questions or need help setting up a free trial of Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence or Jira. If you’re an admin, please be sure to let your users know about these updates, too!

Happy Diagramming,




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