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πŸ“Š Announcing Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud

When we at Midori are working on a new product, we aim to deliver our best possible solution, (better what's already offered on the market), leveraging our 10+ years of experience working with Atlassian software.

We don't just aim to do the simplest features and the easiest part, just to get it over with. We ask what hard problems customers struggle with because solving those brings the most value to them.

This is what we always set out to do and we believe that we achieved this with our new Excel exporter app.

We are happy to announce that Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace!

What is Better Excel Exporter Cloud?

Better Excel Exporter Cloud is a native Jira Cloud app that allows you to export your Jira Cloud data to real Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

You can export not only from the Issue details or Issue Navigator screens but from the Jira Software backlog and sprint board screens are well.

Better Excel Exporter is shipped with ready-to-use templates for many typical use cases. Take your Jira Cloud data and create intuitive and complex Excel exports and reports like

  • Issue comments Excel export
  • Issue history report
  • Created vs. Resolved report
  • Jira worklog report
  • Jira workflow report
  • Jira Service Management Report
  • your custom Jira Cloud Excel report

If you haven't heard about Better Excel Exporter before, check out the Marketplace listings for the Data Center/Server versions, as that is a good place to get an idea about the cloud version, too. Especially read some of the customer reviews here.


What did the early adopters think?

A huge "THANK YOU" goes out to our most interested Server and Data Center customers, volunteering for alpha and beta testing. Their early feedback and sheer enthusiasm were a great source of motivation for the entire Midori team.

Customizable Excel export templates

"I have looked at Jira Cloud for Excel and some of the other Excel exporting options, but I want to have more control over the logic and format than just having a saved filter that produces bland Excel output." - Ben, a current customer on Jira Server

Just like Ben, our customers that are looking to migrate highlighted the control over the layout of the Excel export and the logic they can apply through templates and scripting. These enable customers to have much more than a simple Jira Excel export, but a dynamic and flexible Excel reporting and Business Intelligence solution.

Always correct data types

Less technical-savvy, business customers emphasized the correctness of exported data formats (dates, numbers, etc) and how that made it easy for them to work or share the Jira Excel reports without manual corrections.

Renato said, "Jira Cloud for Excel worked fine, but there's no ability to apply a template with a flexible layout.

The reports I'm looking to create are Jira Software Sprint Reports, some aggregation of story points by component, initiative, period."

From another company, William said, "what we like about Better Excel Exporter Cloud is the much better data formatting. No surprises about unexpected date formats, etc. Also, Jira issue keys are exported as hyperlinks to the Jira issues!

Jira issue keys as a hyperlink

Customers seem to love that Jira issue keys are exported as links by default. Ambika from a huge financial conglomerate mentioned:

"One of the reasons we (especially program managers) like using Better Excel Exporter Cloud is because it exports the data in Excel with hyperlinks to Jira Tickets."

How is it different from Jira Cloud for Excel?

Some of these mentioned capabilities are fully or partially covered by existing solutions. That's why it's important to understand how it compares to what Atlassian already offers for Excel exporting.

That wouldn't fit the topic of this announcement, so we highlighted the main differences in a separate blog.

As you know, Jira Cloud for Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-in made by Atlassian. It's important to understand what it's good for and what it's not, and how to overcome its limitations (weak data formatting, no support for scripting complex Jira reports or no clear plans for integrations, etc.) with Better Excel Exporter.

Try Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud now >>>

or discover how it offers more than Jira Cloud for Excel >>>

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Levente Szabo _Midori_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
November 12, 2021

Hey Community!

At the writing of this blog, Better Excel Exporter Cloud was only available by request as the Marketplace listing was still pending.

Better Excel Exporter Cloud is now approved and released to the Atlassian Marketplace!

You can go ahead and try it now >>>

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