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A better search in Confluence: Integrating all of a company's data sources with the INTERGATOR App

Data and documents within Confluence can be easily located via the integrated Confluence standard search and further narrowed down using the limited filtering options of the advanced search mode. Unfortunately, the Confluence search is limited only to data and documents within the Atlassian world and information outside these systems is not included in the search. Many users complain about this limited view and often wish for a more comprehensive search option that takes into account all data and documents within an organization.

Confluence Suche@2x.jpg

1.1 The alternative Confluence search

With INTERGATOR, you get an easily configurable app that provides you with the functionalities of an enterprise search and makes all data sources within your organization available. Users get a more comprehensive and efficient overview and get the desired information within Confluence without having to leave it. The standard Confluence search is not replaced, but extended by a parallel INTERGATOR enterprise search. This way, in addition to the Confluence hits, additional results are found from data sources such as file servers, databases, e-mails, Jira tickets, etc., which can be quickly narrowed down to relevant information using facets and filters. The INTERGATOR app has been adapted to the standard Confluence design, thus facilitating acceptance, as the user never has the feeling of being outside Confluence.


Confluence Side Search@2x.jpgConfluence INTERGATOR 8@2x.jpg

1.2 Macro integration and advanced dashboard features

In addition to the classic Confluence search, the INTERGATOR Confluence App can also be integrated as a macro and thus display specific data, information and documents in a Confluence page. For example, if you want to compile all relevant data for a project on an overview page in Confluence, you can integrate the INTERGATOR Confluence App several times as a macro and, for example, display the current e-mails, documents from a folder on the file server or diagrams from aggregated data. The INTERGATOR Confluence App is connected to INTERGATOR via API and thus flexibly accesses all Enterprise Search functions.


Makro Integration@2x.jpgMakro Integration 2@2x.jpgMakro Integration 3@2x.jpg

To use INTERGATOR as an enterprise search within Confluence, a separate INTERGATOR installation and the INTERGATOR Confluence App are required.

INTERGATOR already has more than 100 free connectors and about 500 crawlers by default, which can integrate common systems such as websites, file servers, active directories, e-mails, etc. without major programming effort. The license model is based on index objects, is independent of the number of users and is not limited in time. License costs are incurred only once. In contrast, the plugin is user-based and is billed annually.

More advantages:

  • the ranking of search hits can be influenced

  • works out-of-the-box

  • extensive and configurable filters and facets to narrow down the results

  • preview with optional documentation reader without additional plugins or software

  • the app is not integrated via iFrame but comprehensively via API

  • the app is integrated via the Universal Plugin Manager and only requires a URL to the INTERGATOR installation. All settings and adjustments are made within the INTERGATOR installation, leaving Confluence untouched.



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