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5 great ways to label pages in Confluence Cloud

Whether you are new to Confluence or a power user, you should label your pages! There are just oh-so-many cool things you can do with labels: a list of all your meeting notes, dynamic overview and even office planning.

Frankly, labels are fantastic. The only downside with labels is that you have to apply the label in the first place. In this article I’ll show you the many ways you can label a page in Confluence Cloud. Read on, because there will be at least one way you hadn’t heard of – or I’ll buy you a coffee at Team ’23!

The label modal

The most obvious way to label a page in Confluence is to simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the 🏷icon.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-17 um 17.24.09.png

Once clicked, a pop-up window appears. Type your label and hit Enter. Bam! You just labeled a page.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-18 um 09.54.29.png

But what if your page is very long and full of great content? Don’t want to scroll down all the way to the bottom?

No problem, Confluence got you covered. Just hit the l key while on the page to open the Labels dialog. (Actually, Confluence has a lot of shortcuts, check them out here. )

Include the label in your template

You probably already use Confluence’s templates or even build your own. Then help your users to correctly label your pages by adding labels to your template. You can do so while editing your template and clicking the three dots menu button on the top right:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-17 um 13.39.03.png

New pages created with that template will now immediately have the correct labels. You can also use the same menu while editing a page to add a label to that page.

Use hashtags while editing

When you get into the flow of writing, you don’t want to be distracted by going through menus. In that case, our app Magic Labels has you covered. Just like on Twitter, it turns hashtags into clickable links and adds a label to your page. Want to add a label without including it in the text, use a double hashtag:


Of course, both features can be switched on and off for each space individually.

Highlight to label

Even better, using the same app, you can simply highlight a word to add it as a label:


No more typing a label that’s already on the page. Pretty neat, ey?

Bulk actions

Need to label a lot of pages at once? Or remove a stale label? Or even rename a misspelled label? Again, Magic Labels got something for you. On any page, just click the three dots menu button on the top right next to the Share button and choose Magic Labels Bulk Actions to bring up this menu:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-17 um 14.03.30.png

The bulk actions apply to all sub-pages of the current page and you can include the current page as well. And of course, this is also available for the whole Space from the Space Settings menu.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, all the ways I could think of adding labels to a Confluence page. Did I miss any? What’s your favorite way to label Confluence pages? And how do you make use of labels in your Confluence?



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