How to log work done "in the meantime"?

Ewa March 29, 2019


i was wondering, what are solutions in your companies to log work done in the meantime of other issue. 

For example - i have to reinstall windows - it lasts about 3 hours , but one hour is almost free - i just need to click "OK" from time to time. So i've done 3 other issues during installation process (1 hour). 

Sum of work logged is 4 hours, but in reality it was 3 hours. 

In that case multitasking is great solution, but effect is that in 8-hour workday i have much more hours of work logged. 

How to make any KPI with these? 

-at least 5 hour per day logged? 

-stop checking worklogs and focus on SLA? 


What are best practices? 





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Jack Hunter _HeroCoders_
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March 29, 2019

Hi @Ewa 

In that case, you can consider the Start/Stop timer concept, very popular in external time trackers. 

Jira cannot do it natively but you can try a free app Clockwork Automated Timesheet and its manual mode which gives the timer buttons. This way you can switch between issues and Start/Stop timer as many times as you want. 

Clockwork also offers automated mode integrated with Jira workflow but it requires putting tasks you work on back to Open column (or un-assign them) when you don't work on them which might be less convenient in your case. 


Ewa March 29, 2019

Hi @Jack Hunter _HeroCoders_ 

I can use this solution in other project but in that case it generates false data. Let's take my example with windows reinstall. With start-stop it will take 0,5 hour of my work to reinstall but whole process takes 3 hours. 

I'm looking for solution to not bend the reality - reinstall takes 3 hours, but to find a good KPI in that case. 

I hope you get my point. 

Cheers, Ewa

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