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Best way to run a sprint planning session

Joseph Stamatiades February 16, 2020
  • How long is a sprint planning session on average? My session is usually 3-4 hours on average. Is that about right.

Does the product owner  and scrum master decide on the user stories and backlog before the sprint planning meeting? 

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claire_sparks February 16, 2020

Interested to follow this. My take is that the Product Owner uses data analysis and local knowledge and works with the scrum master to prioritise tasks from the backlog. All the while trying to keep a future focus about what new resources our country market will look for that isn't already on the backlog. User requests also need to be taken into consideration and I am fortunate enough to have an experienced and knowledgable team who offer insight into the amount of work different types of resources will take. I have been working without a scrum master lately, so have 'drafted' a scrum prior to the planning meeting and then worked with the team to refine this.  I am still learning and find the biggest challenge at the moment to be ensuring the number of resources at each stage for the development team is correct... too much at any early stages causes a bottle neck where the work backs up and doesnt get through to the rest of the team.... but not enough leaves the team out of tasks.... tricky business this! 

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