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managing capacity in 2 teams but 1 sprint

Shaunt Kojabashian May 28, 2020

I'd really like to use the new Advanced Roadmaps however, i'm having trouble figuring out how to best model our environment.


First of all, we operate with a 4 week sprint and then a 1 week gap week... which basically allows us to do some clean up, individual learning, experimentation, retro, and plan for the next sprint.

How do you best represent a cycle like this in advanced portfolio? There doesn't seem to be a way to have varying length sprints or way to have a gap between sprint dates? Typically we basically have 4 week sprint and a 1 week sprint.


We also have both engineers and developers and estimation/capacity is often tied to those disciplines. Often we need both devs and engineers on an issue. How do you best represent this? Separate them into different teams and 1 issue for each team?


Our team has multiple part time schedules on it and some that very sprint by sprint. How do you best account for this sort of variability within the capacity? It almost would be helpful to decide what the capacity is for each sprint for me.


It's working okay for us tracking outside of jira in just a simple spreadsheet but have issues with the longer term planning types of things (tracking dependencies, releases, etc).


Any suggestions on how best to model an environment like this? or is roadmaps just not a good fit?

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