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Cloning or copying a plan

Curt Holley
Community Leader
Community Leader
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June 1, 2022

I've noticed that a number of people have suggested/wished for the ability in Advanced Roadmaps to be able to clone or copy a plan. 


I must confess I'm not convinced it would be all that handy. Why not? I hear you ask

  1. If the issue sources are the same, then no need to clone/copy., Simply create the view/s you require within the plan that exists already
  2. Similar deal with the teams. Either they are the same, so again no need for another plan, or they need changing, in which case I see very little gain to the clone/copy notion

But!!! I think I know what would solve most reasons for thinking you want the ability to clone or copy a plan.

If saved views could be saved as global and rolled out with all new plans in your site, would that solve the problem? You still create the issue sources and configure teams, but rather than just these 4 views (as below) you could have a custom set of views that are fit for your companies needs.
Screenshot 2022-06-02 140507.png

I'm thinking these could be controlled and configured in an admin section (similar to the Global Automation section), where Admins could create and save views that would roll out to all new Plans. Then, like now, in each plan you can add to that base list on a per plan basis.
Stretch goal (for the relevant Atlassian dev team 😊) could be that custom fields could also be controlled in an admin section, so that every time a new plan is created the key custom fields for the company are already available without the need to "manage custom fields" on a per plan level.

What do people think? I see this as a simpler solution (for Atlassian to deliver) that I believe would solve most of the scenarios. 

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Jane Brock June 8, 2022

Still a novice with this part of the product; but if we locked down a plan and then later try to open it up permission wise, it doesn't allow people with permissions (certain ones) to edit.

We want to be able to make a copy so that they can tweak things and we can fold in their changes.  If we could get the permissions to work, we'd allow people to create and edit stories in the plan, but not epic types.  Can you point me to any training that would cover this type of stuff?


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