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Basic project planning with Advance Roadmap

Bhumika Dave December 28, 2020

Hello here,

I am planning to avail Advanced Roadmap for planning of my project which has just initiated.

Some of the constraints I am having since the project is at initial stage are:

1. There are multiple cross-project dependencies at this stage itself, with each team having either Scrum board or Kanban board.

2. Backlog grooming and sprint planning have visibility up to maximum 1 or 2 sprints. Hence Sprint, Size details are not available.

3. Since there are multiple teams involved, Jira hygiene is a constraint with missing sprint detail, sizing, release plan, dependency etc.

My initial goal is to start with basic project planning, mainly with tracking dependencies and their schedule impacting my schedule and gradually work towards availing Auto Schedule features.

e.g. If project D1 (Dependency 1) has changed its sprint or due date, my project plan should understand it with basic auto scheduling.

In short, I do not want to adjust the schedules manually, however, the Auto-schedule feature is overwhelming for me at this stage with mentioned constraints above.

Please advice how can I start with ARM in this case and what are the mandate of Auto- Scheduling which I need to maintain with each ticket and all boards?



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Ravi Sagar _Sparxsys_
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December 28, 2020

Hi @Bhumika Dave 

Let me try to help.

1. Make sure those projects or preferably boards are part of your plan.

2. That is fine, at least in the beginning but after few sprints you will come to know about your capacity. For example if after couple of sprints if you notice that your teams are able to deliver work worth ~25 story points then you can use capacity of 30. This will be used by the plan to allocate work to the right team per sprint.

3. Again in the beginning feed whatever information you have, you don't really need to know each and everything in the beginning. That never happens anyways in real life.

You can start feeding Initiatives or epics in your plan with rough idea of when they are likely to complete, when things get clear with "breaking up of epics into stories" or "availability of resources" or "target release dates" or "dependencies" or "estimation" or "rank" or any combination of these, then Advanced Roadmap will assist you in planning.

The Auto Schedule feature is to assist you by doing complex calculation when you feed this information to your plan but you always have to adjust the plan manually. 

Do also take a look at the scenarios where you can play with multiple versions of the same plan and only commit your changes to Jira projects when needed.

I hope it helps and also take a look at my response to your other question.


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Bhumika Dave December 29, 2020

@Ravi Sagar _Sparxsys_ This is indeed a good suggestion to start with.

I might not even use Auto-Schedule feature just now, since the algorithm gives some random date for some of the tickets, which are not realistic (something like Nov 21). Understand, it could be because of combination of not enough details with tickets And selection of All values and Empty values with Sprint, Release and Team.

Thanks for the courses @


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