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Unleash your potential! Upcoming IT conferences

Updated on June 5, 2022


Join the IT conference 2022 calendar and choose from events on topics spanning thought leadership, products, solutions, software development, data analysis, technical demos, deep dives, as well as customer stories. Although most conferences went back to the stationary form, some of them are also available in hybrid or online mode. We are sure that you’ll find something interesting here for you. Pin this calendar and stay tuned with many industry leaders in this year’s speaker lineup.


Date: July 6-8th, 2022
Location: Singapore, Singapore

Customer Experience is more and more data-centric rather than based on feelings and intuition. During this event, you’ll learn how to combine those two areas and turn the overwhelming amount of data into better user experience. Find balance between personalization and trust, then get valuable insights into creating customer loyalty and developing the strength of your brand. The conference is dedicated to leaders of marketing, analytics, and MarTech.

Date: July 8-9th, 2022
Location: Boston, Massachusetts – Hybrid Mode

This year, the event will focus on the leadership of Change and Project value and Agile Project Management. A star-studded array of international speakers such as Joe Justice – TedX Speaker, Gordon MacKay who will provide a close-up on evolving project leadership, Virginia Greiman – a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), and many others. The format of the conference includes short presentations, breakouts, workshops, and active learning opportunities. There will be special sessions to bring you up to speed on the new Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide and the new Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Date: July 18-22nd, 2022
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

The Agile Alliance conference takes place every year and gathers the Agile community, allowing the development of knowledge and contacts in the industry. It is held in a stationary way and brings together experts and their listeners in various regions of the world, mainly America, Europe, Middle East Africa, and the Asia-Pacific. Open up to innovative Agile solutions. Attend the conference and learn about the latest Agile software development strategies, practices, and ideas.

Date: July 25th, 2022
Location: Sydney, Australia

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit is an on-site event, dedicated mostly to chief data and analytics officers, business leaders, and data and analytics professionals. The participants can choose from 7 different theme paths, including:

  • leadership and skills, 
  • business strategy and value, 
  • trust, governance, and privacy,
  • analytics everywhere,
  • AI, ML, and Data Science,
  • emerging technologies and trends,
  • data and analytics architecture.

Learn about data analytics strategy, tools, and more to build a data-ready organization.


Date: August 6-11th, 2022
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada – Hybrid Mode

The Black Hat is an event dedicated to security professionals. The participants will receive the latest knowledge about security research, development, and trends in a vendor-neutral environment. The event is conducted in the hybrid mode, so it is available to the cybersecurity community all over the world. Black Hat consists of 4 days of training, and 2 days of the main conference, including Briefings, Arsenal, Business Hall, as well as virtual opportunities.


Date: September 7-8th, 2022
Location: Warsaw, Poland

After 2 years of conducting online events, we can finally meet again in person because Jira Day is back in a stationary way! The 10th edition of Jira Day 2022 is a worldwide IT conference that welcomes Atlassian Ecosystem speakers from America and Europe to share best practices and innovations in a fun and engaging environment. Atlassian software enthusiasts from all over the world come together to acquire new skills and develop strategies to connect and expand their professional network!

Conference highlights

This year, we’ve prepared for you 3 different tracks: business, technological, and demo. Decide whether you want to learn ready-to-use solutions for your business, dive deeper into combining various tools into one ecosystem, or simply test particular tools. You can expect only fresh topics, such as:

  • risk management,
  • performance improvements,
  • Jira Cloud vs Jira Server/Data Center,
  • best vs bad practices in Jira,
  • pros and cons of Jira standardization,
  • agile DevOps with Atlassian tools,
  • Jira for SAP project management,
  • pushing the limits of automation in Jira Cloud,
  • Atlassian stack in creating agile culture,
  • managing the company’s portfolio with Jira Cloud,
  • and much more!

Jira Day will not only be productive, it’ll also bring fun and excitement. The event will be full of Jira quizzes, competitions, and charity campaigns. Deviniti truly cares, especially for issues that concern our planet, Earth. That’s why during the 10th edition of Jira Day, we decided that all income from the conference kits will be donated to support bees with the Save the Bees Foundation based in Poland. The 10th edition is unique. We have launched the “Supernova by Deviniti” ranking which is aimed at appreciating the companies in the marketplace. Stay tuned and see who will reach the top of our ranking. Maybe it will be your company?

Date: September 26-28th, 2022
Location: Mainz, Germany

If you are a Cloud Enthusiast, you should join the European Cloud Summit. The conference is about cloud and cloud-related technologies, so you can dive deeper into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. You can choose between 5 core tracks: sustainability, AI/ML, modernization, security, or metaverse + VR. As the European Cloud Summit creates a professional networking environment, by connecting major cloud platform providers, world-leading speakers, industry leaders, and large customers, you can find there a lot of opportunities to take.


Event: FuturePMO

Date: October 6th, 2022
Location: London, UK

During the FuturePMO conference, you will meet practitioners from all over the world at various levels of professional advancement. Speakers will present inspiring solutions aimed at pushing the boundaries of thinking and developing each PMO. The conference will last one day, and its atmosphere will be a casual and non-sales environment.

Event: World Summit AI

Date: October 12th, 2022
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Get more familiar with Artificial Intelligence not only through the lectures but also by experiencing it by yourself during workshops. The organizers prepared lots of different tracks such as deep-dive tech talks, metaverse, responsible AI, innovations, money AI, DLTs + cyber security, NLP, conversational AI + voice, and many more. You can learn tips & tricks directly from the brightest brains of the global AI ecosystem.

Date: October 17-18th, 2022
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Considering the timing and type of work the project managers fulfill, the theme of this event will be resilience. The agenda consists of experts and professionals, who work as PMs daily, so you have a chance to get real knowledge from the practical point of view. As a digital project leader, you are extremely important to the success of your stakeholders, team, and company. But grappling with myriad of day-to-day challenges can make it difficult to master new skills and get the answers you need to improve your career. Accelerate your professional development and focus on learning, networking, exploring different perspectives, problem-solving, and making solid connections.

Date: October 17-19th, 2022
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Thanks to Global Scrum Gathering 2022, you have an opportunity to meet other enthusiasts of the Agile Community and celebrate agility. Listen to specialists and leaders who will share their passion and desire to evolve the look of work. Dive deeper into real-life topics, such as success stories, best practices, and creative applications of agile and the scrum framework. And all of that will take place in the sunny atmosphere of Lisbon.


Event: Web Summit 2022

Date: November 1-4th, 2022
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit has been described by Forbes as the best technology conference on the planet. We have to assume that the numbers connected with this event are truly impressive. The conference gathers over 70,000 attendees from more than 160 countries. During the 4-day event, you can choose from 900 presentations. The main aims include networking, lead generation, learning, and development.

Date: November 7th, 2022
Location: Barcelona, Spain 

The significance of VMworld increases constantly every year. By attending the VMware Explore conference, you can broaden your horizons and stay up-to-date with the following fields of knowledge:

  • accelerating Cloud Transformation,
  • securing and empowering the Hybrid Workforce,
  • building and operating a Cloud-Native Platform,
  • connecting and securing Clouds and Apps.

This event will provide you with everything you need to succeed and solve the problems of multi-workload, multi-cloud, and multi-workspace IT environments.


Event: DevTernity 2022

Date: December 8th, 2022
Location: Online

Latvia’s largest international IT conference is conducted online this year, so you can take part in this event without leaving the comfort of your home. Thanks to attending DevTernity you will learn about software development and architecture. The event is dedicated to developers, architects, and engineers, so be aware that the agenda includes highly technical talks only.

Date: December 21-22nd, 2022
Location: London, UK – Hybrid Mode

Digital Transformation Week Global gathers only senior specialists, so if you are a business decision-maker or IT leader, feel free to join this event! You will get familiar with new technologies and strategies to implement business innovations. Meet Heads of Digital Transformation, Cloud Service Providers, Business Analysts, and IOT/AI Infrastructure Providers, and take the unique opportunity to extend your global net of business contacts for free.

In the meantime, stay positive and tuned for more information in the coming months.



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Bertrand Lafforgue May 5, 2021

the link Event: Service Desk Automation  does not work

Thank you

Tatiana Glazkova-Deviniti-
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
May 5, 2021

Bertrand Lafforgue thank you very much for your attention! 

The date of the event has been shifted to July 8, 2021. Please, follow the correct link in the text and here 

Date: July 8th, 2021
Event: Service Desk Best Practice

Best regards,

AUG Leaders

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