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Throwback Thursday: What was your favorite snack as a teenager? #TBT


It's Thursday!

Alright good folk, can you remember? Well, I can’t remember what was my favorite snack but I do remember going to Arizona as a teenager in 1987 and being introduced to Doritos. Back then they did NOT have as many flavors as today. I only seem to recall Nacho Cheese, actually. Think they had Cool Ranch as well though…


So I was introduced to eating chips with my lunch sandwich. Had not been raised up like that back home. Anywho, even till this day, Doritos still take me back to the 80’s 😊 

I also really, really liked Rice Krispies treats. We didn’t have marshmallows back home at that time. So, how about you - can you remember what your favorite was back when you were a teenager?

Have a great Thursday!


John Funk Community Leader Mar 18, 2021

Mine was probably a Tootsie Roll. Still love those things! Though it really depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes it is something salty like chips or sometimes something sweet like a candy bar. 

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Ah yes! I was also introduced to Tootsie Roll during that exchange year of mine in Arizona. I think we still don't have them in Iceland :)

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@Kristján Geir Mathiesen that is a crime against the belly! Are tootsie rolls on your amazon wish list? What is the link? How do we get them to you? Do you like the Tootsie pops as well?

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@Malka Jackson _Isos Technology_  you are awesome! Currently living in the States but thank you SO much for thinking of me. Love it!

I grew up in a hippy household where carob was considered a fair trade for chocolate, so I thought this was amazing at the time. After school my best friend and I would go to her house and make a bowl of cold Spaghettios with meatballs and watch General Hospital with her grandmother. I have never been a fan of soaps before or after, but that was always our traditional afternoon and I still remember it fondly. I don't know why we didn't microwave the can of Spaghettios, that seems like something we should have done. 

I tried a can once as an adult and nearly gagged on the first bite. It is super sweet sauce and the meatballs have no flavor. What weird kid tastebuds we had. lol 

Back at the house, I could eat a jar of Kosher Dill Pickles in one day, juice and all. I loved them. Still do, though I am better at self control and portion size. 

A real treat was a can of smoked oysters!

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Clark Everson Community Leader Mar 18, 2021

Dunkaroos, back when they weren't just the vanilla flavor they are now and had some cinnamon in them



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Clark Everson Community Leader Apr 07, 2021

I want this shirt

Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Mar 18, 2021

As a teenager, back home in India, I used to eat "Uncle Chipps" a lot. They were really yummy and spicy.

Fortunately, I can still find them now in some Indian grocery stores here in NJ and enjoy eating them as a snack.


Uncle Chips Spicy Treat – Halal SnackBox

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That is a cool name for a treat!

Mandy Ross Community Manager Mar 18, 2021

My go-to snack at home was a straight up hot dog on a white bun with mustard, or a grilled cheese sandwich with ketchup! Until I got my drivers license, then I would get a filet o fish at McDonalds after school before going to my job at a hotel (they had a hot food meal for employees but it was usually disgusting)!

I still love hot dogs and grilled cheese as a weekend lunch, but it's been years since I've had a filet o fish at mcDs (I've moved on to cheeseburgers)! 

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Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Mar 18, 2021

@Mandy Ross I used to eat Filet-O-Fish a lot as well. But recently, I tried "Flounder Sandwich" from Popeyes, and it is really good. If you like to eat fish, I would suggest you to try this sandwich if you haven't yet.

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Ohhh, thanks for the tip @Taranjeet Singh   I need to try that "Flounder Sandwich" out.

Mandy Ross Community Manager Mar 18, 2021

@Taranjeet Singh   I will try that someday! thumbs-up

Daniel Eads Atlassian Team Mar 18, 2021

Oh man, couldn't really beat a nice bag of skittles:




Now it appears possible to buy a hybrid - sour wild berry skittles? The world is truly an amazing place.


During college of course I switched to the much healthier vanilla yogurt and baby carrots.

Man, Skittles do sound REALLY good right now! :=)  Thanks for sharing

Skittles are great but I want lime back:(


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