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It was 3 days ago when I was an Atlassian Community Leader and published my 10th articles of this year. Just after a few hours, an article was published around 12:02 am IST, where the who are top contributors of the community have been listed. I saw the list and read all the names and commented on what I felt. Then suddenly a thought came to my mind that why my name was not there in the list, not even once! That time it was pretty confusing for me, then I thought I should contact someone from the Atlassian Community Manager because there might be some mistake. Then I opened my email and I saw I have received an email from my community manager that there was some suspicious activity fount on my account and I have been removed from the Atlassian Community Leader program! After reading that I was literally too sad. It was 12:10 am IST, I return back to the community and found that my profile is not working properly and the community leader tag has been changed to a member tag! The whole night I was unable to sleep because I haven't done anything but still the automatic system has detected something was wrong!

I used to spend most of my time in a day in the Atlassian Online Community like 10-12 hours. Even If I do some other work, I always used to refresh the page every 5-10 minutes to see if there were any new questions that I can answer. I have stepped into the Atlassian Community Leader program to help everyone; it was my PRIDE to help and solve issues & problems faced by any users. It's been 5 long years since I have been a community leader for multiple communities but never, not a single time I have faced an issue like this. No one has ever said that I have broken rules and guidelines, not even from the Atlassian community but it looks like that and we can't do anything if a machine decides anything!

I have taken 3 days to find out what was the actual core problem. But unfortunately, I still don't have any clues about what has happened within a few minutes while I was enjoying reading an article by another ACL. The final conclusion I came to was If you spend a lot of time and participate more than any other users then the machine can detect that you are doing some kind of suspicious activity. So please be aware.

The automatic system won't warn you or give you any chance, it will just remove you from the ACL program! It won’t even give you the exact reason why it has done that!

ACL should read this; I'm listing all those things I was doing all these days:

  • I was adding some numbering on the post title to tract and analyze precisely.
  • I spend 10-12 hour's in the community while liking, commenting, posting & solving issues continuously.
  • I have marked some of my own posts as spam or report them to the moderator because I thought those posts don’t have enough quality to be in the community. (Never mark your own post spam ask someone else do that for you)
  • I have posted some articles that have some of your earlier post contents because it was required. (Share rules & guideline with the members of the community)
  • I have published multiple articles in a day! (I used to publish a maximum of 3 articles in a day)

If anyone has anything to say personal DM me on social media I’ll be replying asap. Be professional while commenting in the community.

Anyway, I would like to thanks everyone who has supported me throughout my ACL journey! I would like to thanks Atlassian Team, Community Managers, and my fellow Community Leaders.


Now the question is why I'm here and why I'm writing this article?

The reason why I visited Atlassian Community for the first time was in the 1st quarter of 2019 to help one of my friends who was using Atlassian products for learning & testing purposed and faced some issues. At that time, I visited to find a solution for him.

I'm here because of those users whom I can help them to solve their issue and problem with the Atlassian products.

It was very heartbreaking through for me I was removed from the ACL program but a total of 19 people DM me on Twitter and LinkedIn regarding various things that happened within these 3 days since I was not active in the community. Here are the 2 screenshots of the first 2 people who DM me on each platform.


LinkedIn.png  Twitter.png


  • Hard-work never fails.
  • Trophies are the awards that hold happiness for a small period of time until you hold it.
  • The really trophies are these people who will make you feel like you are someone in this world who can make some good changes in someone's life.
  • Today I'm here for them who loved me supported me throughout my ACL journey, who made me one of the top contributors to the community.

I’m here to fulfill my resolution 2021 to help everyone! I have already shared what was my resolution for this year!


What will happen to the groups that I was leading as a group leader?

As I have myself came forward and taken some responsibility, I will never back down from those responsibilities. I would like to request you to make me the Tech & Education group leader as I was from my ACL profile. Just leave that profile however it is and add this profile as a group leader if possible!


What will happen to the events that I was willing to hold this month as an ACL?

I was willing to hold 2 events this month as an ACL but as I'm not anymore, an ACL I won't be able to host it. But the thing is, I have promised some of you that I will host an event and I never broke my promises. I won't be able to hold 2 events this month but I will hold at least one event this month the speaker will be myself because I don't have any speakers right now on my list but maybe in the future, I can ask few people to join as a speaker. I will personally DM & Email you with the event link.


When you should consider writing a question, discussion, and an article?

As I have been seeing after the new ability to write an article and some changes in the UI has made some members confuse when to do, how to do, what to do? So, let me explain it to you!

1 - QUESTION - When you are facing any issues or what to as a question about any Atlassian products, in this case, you can use the button shown in the below images:




2 - DISCUSSION - When you want to introduce yourself or what some suggestion from the other members & leader or ask anything below 300 words and not related to Atlassian products, in this case, you can start a discussion using the button shown in the below images:




3 - ARTICLE - When you want to write something which was more than 300 words consider writing an article using the button shown in the below images:




OK! So that’s all for this article. I hope you read the whole article and I hope everyone will enjoy my upcoming articles which will be about Atlassian products and it’s not going to be like this article. This article was like a personal blog with some news, updates, and rules & guideline.

Connecting with me is now easier! You can contact me on social media I will be replying asap!

I have always fulfilled my responsibilities and always will be because by fulfilling the responsibility we can grow more, work efficiently, earn respect, & fulfill our destiny!





Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 09, 2021

Hi Soumyadeep, I wouldn’t think the software would trigger based on time in Community. I base this on my own online efforts as well as others. I would believe that some pattern matching might have triggered the algorithm. I do recall several duplicative content articles that you posted over the past couple of weeks that could have triggered this. Of course I’m just guessing here. Are your findings above based on your research or actually having a discussion with an Atlassian Community Team member. For sure the SW isn’t perfect in its interrogation but it does a pretty good job at catching actual spam and spammers. However it does make mistakes. 

In any event glad you got the issue resolved. 

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Hey @Jack Brickey ,

Thanks for your opinion! Even I'm not sure what has happened! I have posted a few times on different groups but the post was removed by myself, not by anyone else.

But Let's not discusses all these and move forward towards this new year and there is a long way to go.

I will keep doing my best even though I will have limited support as a normal member!

Thanks & Regards,

Soumyadeep Mandal (SaM)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 09, 2021

@Darline Auguste or @Tamanna Godara should be able to help you get this cleared up if you believe your account was targeted incorrectly.

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Hi @Soumyadeep Mandal - SaM 

  I feel very sad for you, I am sorry that you are going through this situation.

  I was also very surprised not to see you on that list, I feel a little identified, because I also miss reading my name, but hey they are lessons that we have to live.

  I send you encouragement and I hope to continue seeing you here.

A hug !!! :o)

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Hi @Soumyadeep Mandal - SaM 

I'm very sorry for this situation and hope will be solved soon and well. 

My only suggestion is : fight for your rights. I'm Sicilian and I help you :-)

Forza :-)

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Erica Moss Community Manager Jan 11, 2021

This wasn’t an automation issue — the team has been in contact with SaM directly. Out of respect for his privacy, we won’t comment any further here, but I did want to clarify!

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Hi @Erica Moss 

  Thanks for clarifying and comment with us 


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Hi @Erica Moss ,

Thank you for the clarification but I have received only one email from you! I haven't received any emails from anyone else! At least I should know what was the problem/issue regarding my account because I don't know what rules I broke! I haven't received any email regarding What was the exact problem.

I have always said that being an ACL was one of the best things I have enjoyed being. It gave me the opportunity to help more and more people! How I can intensionally break any rule that can take away the ACL program from me.

Please let me know if it is possible to be an ACL again because the normal member account has a lot of limitations for helping other users.



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I'm sorry for your situation SaM, but your attitude is admirable :)

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