Unable to authorize Dropbox account

Jozef G. I'm New Here Sep 13, 2017

Hi, I have enabled Dropbox Power-Up in Trello. As I was attacheing a folder to a card from dropbox using the power-up, webpage to sign in to dropbox has been displayed and everything worked great. But when my colleague with access to the same Trello board opens the card and he tries to attach file dropbox webpage opens to sign in, briefly shows "Sorry, unable to find a parent page." and sign in doesn't work. When he tries to attach a dropbox folder, button to authorize dropbox is displayed, after clicking on the button webpage with address beginning with https://dropbox.trello.services/callback?state=5H4O1... opens and nothing happens. Just a blank page. Any suggestions please ? Thanks.

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Hi Jozef,

Is your colleague using Trello in the browser or an app?

If he's using Trello in the browser, could you have him go through these troubleshooting steps and let us know how that goes?

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