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Troubleshoot Butler Rule with Regex and Checklist

Tara Thomas August 30, 2023

Hi folks,

I'm doing some more finessing on my Meal Planning & Groceries board based on the legendary Brittany Joiners Template (long may she live!)

I have a rule in Butler that half working;

when the name of a card in list "Shopping List" contains

"regex:/.*(Red-Curry-Paste-Maesri|Green-Curry-Paste-Maesri|Crackers-Sakata-Brown-Rice|Almonds|Walnuts|Pine-nuts|Mayvers-Dark-roasted-Crunchy-Peanut-Butter| LSA|Compostable-Baking-Paper|Cordial|Olive-Oil-Drum|vegetable-oil-spray|Cereal|Cocoa|Kombucha|Cheap-White-Sugar-in-Paper|Maple-Syrup|Golden-Syrup|Balsamic-Vinegar|Franks-RedHot-Sauce|Kikkoman-Soy|Teriyaki-Sauce|Lime-Juice|Sesame-Oil|Miso-Paste-in-One-Bag-Not-Separate-Sachets|Apple-Cider-Vinegar|White-Wine-Vinegar|White-Vinegar|2L-White-Vinegar|BBQ-sauce|Tomato-Sauce|Sriracha|Tahini|Anchovies-in-A-Lil-Jar|Dijon-Mustard|Seeded-Mustard|gherkins|Tomato-Paste|Jarred-Sauce|Arborio-Rice|Basmati-Rice|red-lentils|Brown-Sugar|Coconut-Flour|Chilli-Flakes|Plain-Flour-in-Paper-Bag|Pancake-Mix-Gluten-Free|Breadcrumbs|Panko-Bread-Crumbs|Soy-Milk|Ground-Pink-Salt-fine-So-I-Can-Directly-Add-It-To-Water-Without-Having-To-Grind-It|Rock-Salt|sea-salt|Pepper-Corns|Stock-Cubes-any|Sesame-Seeds|Black-Sesame-Seeds|Sweetener-Refill-stevia|Mustard-Seeds|Moccona-Coffee|Oysters-In-Oil|Sardines-In-Water|Baked-Beans|Tinned-Pears-In-Juice-Or-Water-Not-Syrup|Chick-Peas|Black-Beans|Corn-tin|Tinned-Beetroot-Slices|Kidney-Beans|Diced-Tomatoes|Coconut-Milk|Pineapple-Or-Tinned-Pineapple|San-Remo-Pulse-Pasta-chickpeas|Pulse-Pasta-Spaghetti|pandaroo-rice-paper-spring-roll-wrapper|pandaroo-brown-rice-noodles|Herbal-Tea-Twinings-Blackcurrent-Blueberry-10pk|Robert-Times-Coffee-Bags-smallest|Herbal-Tea-Twinings-Ginger-Apple-10pk|Herbal-Tea-Twinings-Raspberry-Strawberry-Logan-Berry-10pk|Herbal-Tea-Twinings-Mango-Strawberry-10pk|Herbal-Tea-Twinings-Lemon-Ginger-10pk|Herbal-Tea-Twinings-Peppermint-10pk).*/i",


check item "{cardname}" in checklist "Grocery Staples", and archive the card


The card IS being archived

The checklist item is NOT being checked. 


There doesn't seem to be a way to point more specifically to the location of the checklist (filtered by list, or maybe card link?) but maybe there's something else hinky here.

I have tried moving the card with the checklist to the same list "Shopping List" but that didn't make a difference.

Any ideas?

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Dreamsuite Mike
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
August 31, 2023

Amazing that you are using this and playing with regex.

I think I understand what you are looking for but please excuse me if I have misinterpreted and correct me.

think this is what you require:

Screenshot 2023-08-31 102952.png


Tara Thomas September 3, 2023

Ooooohhh, you are a very wonderful human! 

Thank you, I get it now. It was missing a piece of instruction.

I so appreciate you folks over here, the time you take to answer my questions means I learn so much more about what I'm doing and how to do it better (not just the literal answer).



Tara Thomas September 3, 2023

Also, just for completeness if anyone else is looking for this answer in the future, I added the "find a card titled" action, and filtered by list, then also had some extra clarification on the right checklist (theres a couple on that card) so I ended up with the below.

I haven't used the "cascade" actions before so this was a super cool answer for me!

The trigger is the same as in my question, and the actions are;

Archive the card.

Find a card titled "Grocery Staples" in list "Instructions" 

Check item {triggercardname} in checklist "Grocery Staples"


Works like a dream.

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