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Trello Windows 11 App

Kevin Ochs July 27, 2023

Is there any way to have the Trello App Icon open Trello instead of "Atlassian Account" and then have to click on Trello?  This extra step is frustrating. 

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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October 4, 2023

evryone saying just log out and in then click the trello button misses the point,

if trello is the only service you use - then you dont want some atlassian welcome board, 

especially if you click the trello icon EXPECTING IT TO OPEN TRELLO, 

if we wanted atlassion we would click an atlassion icon

the fix that worked for me was an uninstall of trello, and a reinstall, went back the the way it is supposed to be, atlasian is becomming more like mirosoft, forcing things on users they dont NEED or WANT

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Haryoso Riyadhi
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I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
October 4, 2023

Here's my trick. i just logout from the Atlassian window, the app will bring you to the login/sign in window.
Just sign in again, and now, whenver you click Trello Shortcut.. it brings you straight to Trello Board

Hope this help

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I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
July 31, 2023

i also have the same problem, ever since logging in to atlassian account,

(to fix the DD/MM/YYYY thing because it defaults to americrap MM/DD/YYYY that the rest of the world DOES NOT USE!!!!!!!)

the trello app on windows now opens to "atlassian account" be default and i have to click the 9 dots on the top left and click switch to trello, 

thew whole point of having a trello app installed is to open into the trello app,

NOT the atlassian account, otherwise whats the point of having the app, ill just load in from browser instead

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Ran Tao
Atlassian Team
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July 27, 2023

Hello, I'm from the Trello team. Can you elaborate more on which extra step you're referring to?

Is this about the login flow that after entering email, you'd have to click twice before actually lands on the page asking for password? Good news is that, we're currently working on a change with the login flow, this extra click will soon go away. 

Kevin Ochs August 8, 2023

Thanks Ran for the response,

Login is not a problem, once I log in on desktop app I stay logged in which is great.  Problem is Trello does not open when I click the Trello app.

- Click Trello App

- Opens "Atlassian Account" here it has my profile info etc

- I then click 9-dots in top left

- Option to "Switch to" and Trello icon is there to select

- I click "Trello" 

- Pop up appears with trello app

- offers me templates, starred boards, recent viewed

 - I then click the board I go in 99% of the time. 


bottom line, lots of steps to get to board I need in. My work around is to go through my web browser which is one step exactly where I need to go. Kind of defeats purpose of app as a lot harder to navigate. 

Kevin Ochs August 8, 2023

Also, I would like to use the app in case I need with I don't have internet access. Web Browser isn't a great solution long term. 

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Robyn Clissold February 25, 2024

Hi Kevin, hopefully this thread is still being monitored. I am a Trello Premium user. Once you can actually get to the desktop app, Trello is great. Atlassian, however, is without doubt, the most horrendous platform to work in, get support for or anything. I'm almost at a point of giving up on Trello purely because Atlassian owns it.

I was trying to find some billing details and around and around and around the world I went, over and over. Finally, seems like it forced me to log into my Atlassaian account.

Now whenever I try and launch my Trello desktop app (which has been great for years until today), it opens an Atlassian screen which I can NOT get out of. There is no "close", no "go to Trello", nothing. I'm literally going insane, for hours now. I've been forced onto Trello in the browser today just so I can do my work. 

As another person in this thread said, there are 9 dots near the Atlassian logo (in the app) and if you click on that, you get to go to Atlassian or Trello.... but in your browser, not in the app. For a so-called tech company, Atlassian seriously fails with it's human/user interface. Can you help me get my Trello app back as Trello?

I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
April 21, 2024

@Robyn Clissold ,

I just had this same problem. If does not work for you, this workaround perhaps does (as for me): 

  1. Make sure you have Trello Desktop App notifications turned on in Windows.
  2. Open Trello Desktop App.
  3. Atlassian Window appear. Logout from Atlassian Account.
  4. From login screen, go to "File" menu in the top left, and choose "New card", "Create card" or similar -I have Spanish UI, I don't know what the menu item exact text is.
  5. Fill the form with random data create the card.
  6. A Windows Notification "You created a Trello card" (or similar text) should pop up. Click in it.
  7. Trello App opens *in Trello*. Now Trello App is kind of "reset", no more Atlassian Window. But things don't work because you are logged out. Try to do something, and you will be asked to login. 
  8. Login and all should be well again in Desktop App.


@Ran Tao , for me this problem happened when:

  1. I open Trello Desktop App in Windows 10.
  2. Normally, if I go to some option leading to Atlassian Account window, such as My Profile > Account Config, I have two windows, Trello window+ Atlassian Account window. And the Atlassian Account window has Windows' window controls, such as minimize, close... BUT if I go to My Profile > Settings > "Configuration" tab, scroll to the bottom and in "Sessions" I click in "Manage your recent devices" button, an Atlassian window appears that *has no Windows' window controls*.
  3. So, I assume it is a pop up or secondary window of the main Trello window and it will close when Trello window is closed.
  4. I close Trello window as always. But Atlassian Account window won't close with it.
  5. I close it with secondary button in its windows menu bar rectangle, selecting "close window" Windows option.
  6. Now, when I open Trello Desktop App, instead of Trello the Atlassian Account window *with no controls* appears. The nine points menu item is of no help because it redirects to Trello *in the browser*, not in the App, that gets stuck in Atlassian Account window until you "reset" the App.

I hope it helps.

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