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Is ther a way to summarize daily activity from Trello and export to Word or email or something similar?  My boss wants a snapshot of my Trello activity daily without having to log in to Trello. Frustrating and time consuming. Please help.

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Francis Peixoto Community Champion Apr 12, 2017

There's no built in function to do this, but Zapier can monitor for new activity on a board. You could use this trigger to write a log to a Google Drive document. 

Sorry, that was all Greek to me!!  Can you explain, please?

Francis Peixoto Community Champion Apr 12, 2017 is an automation website. Users can build a chain of events called zaps based on things that happen.

In your case, you would have a zap that states "on any new activity in Trello board XZY, append Google Drive document with the date time and description of that activity."

It's actually quite simple to build. The website isn't built for tech experts. If you follow the instructions on the site, you should be able to quickly create the zap you need. 

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