Pin a comment to top in a Trello card

Is it possible for the owner of a board to pin a comment on a card to the top of the comments list? This would be a very useful feature for me, since I'm annotating cards using Butler for Trello (which uses my card description for its own nefarious purposes AND generates lots of comments).

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Francis Peixoto Community Champion Apr 13, 2017

There isn't really much you can do to sort the comments on a card, unfortunately. They, along with card activity, create a timeline of actions on a card. There may be some hack available via API, but I doubt it. 

Thanks for the quick input. I might suggest this as a possible feature, but I might get a better result by asking Ludable (Butler for Trello) to alter the way it uses the Description field. If I make any headway on this, I'll check back in.

Oscar Triscon Community Champion Apr 13, 2017

"Nefarious" lol. You can make Butler not emit comments by using the silent option. And you can store links in attachments instead of the description if that's what you're doing. Butler doesn't do anything you don't ask it to do!

Oscar, thanks for the suggestions. Muting the Butler bot is probably a good way to solve this particular problem, although the "Pin to Top" feature would still be helpful in other scenarios. Just as an FYI, I'm using the comment to explain what the Butler commands are actually doing in "plainer" English -- some of them include 4-5 actions per trigger and it isn't always clear what they are doing. Kind of like my situation with IFTTT automations!!

Just to close this out - Butler for Trello responded to my request to tweak their use of the description field in about 15 minutes and made it possible for me add the explantory information in the description.

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