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My Trello label colors have changed

The labels I used for my Trello cards suddenly changed from solid red or blue or purple or gold or whatever to these pastel-ish colors. Is that a Trello issue, or do I need to get under the hood of Windows 10 to see what happened and change 'em back?



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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Sep 16, 2022

Hey there! I have an update on this! Check out this article where I explain why these happened and what the results is: tldr more label color options!

Your original label colors are still there - just new ones being added! (If it feels lighter, you can select a darker shade!)

Also check out the official Trello blog post announcing the changes!

I did try that the day it changed and it would not let me go back. And they way to go back is visit every card and change it. Pain in the rumpus room.

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This does make it better, BUT the way it was before was superior. I know no one likes change, but I feel like this is being changed just to change something, or be able to say "We have thirty different colors to choose from." When in reality its the same colors to choose from, now you just change the visibility of the label.

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Hate hate hate the lighter colors. Please give me my solids back!!! ALSO, The lettering is so light you can't differentiate between labels and regular wording. Why do you change without warning.

totally agree!

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I don't like the change. A label is something that must pop and higlight from the card instead of going unnoticed. Please bring them back.😫

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Really difficult to navigate. the text is now the same as the description and I can't use them in the same way as they don't stand out any more. The  old colours meant I didn't even need to read the text, I knew what the colours meant - now I have to read them and it's made easy trello cards look a total mess.. Please give me my old labels back. We have 7 annual licences here and EVERYONE is complaining!

I find the recent colour changes actually reduce visibility and vibrancy of the cards and thus reduce the functionality of them. we usually use them to label the cards for at a glance estimation of what they contain and the option to change back to the older colour scheme would be greatly appreciated -. 

Please change it back or give us the options.

5 votes

Completely agree, not liking the new pastels at all :( If it ain't don't, broke fix it comes to mind! My Trello boards are FULL to the brim, and now I can barely tell the cards apart. Bad UX design in my opinion. Please change it back Atlassain, or at least give peops the option to choose what they would like? :) 

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I'll agree with nearly everyone here, the new colours are too soft, and the bold dot of colour of what the colours used to be is much better. Labels are for visibility, and the new change strips them nearly entirely of that function. Sure, adding colours is fine, but adding softer shades of the same colours is not that. Please give us the option to switch back, or add some good colours in solid, vibrant shading, not this pastel theme that doesn't really work.

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@Pat Skerrett and @Julie D and @Alicia Got an update! Just chatted with my peeps, and it sounds like they're in the process of rolling out some new features with labels and working out some kinks with it. This isn't the full update - there's more to come - but in the meantime, I've volunteered to help funnel some feedback about this, so can you let me know a little more about what you're not liking about this so I can share that feedback? Is it that the colors are lighter and you're wanting them darker, or is it the text, or something else?

Personally, I don't like how light it is. With how many different labels my work uses it gets hard to know exactly what each one is without having to double check everything. Also, with how light they are some of my coworkers are not seeing that our label for 'look at notes below' is there, and then misses the information they need for the job. @Brittany Joiner 

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@zshirley thanks! I'll pass this on. Do you actually mind to share a screenshot of that `look at notes below` that is getting missed because it's too late? Curious what color/shade that is

Thanks for the detective work, Brittany. Regarding feedback: I don't like the light/pastel label colors. I think colors in an app like this need to pop, not be cozy in the background.

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@Pat Skerrett got it, so you prefer the darker/bolder colors. Noted! i'll share that feedback, thanks!

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Screenshot (5).png

It is the green color. The only thing I can think of is we are not used to it, and the tasks complete is still the solid color, so we think its not there. The problem it created is just more phone calls asking questions about jobs where the information is already on the card. They just do a quick look. 

Thank you for your time @Brittany Joiner 

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@zshirley got it! thanks for the feedback - I'm noting it!

Hi @zshirley , I understand what you say. For the labels, I use the colors diferents from green, yellow and red, because I relate these colours to the issue of due. 

But this is only if you don't need all of the labels, of course. 

And the other thing that it could be interesting is to put these three colors at the end of the list, so the numbers related was the 8,9,0 (shortcuts for label)

But this is my personal opinion, of course. I understand it is difficult to make a Trello configuration for everyone. 


here you are another feedback @Brittany Joiner ;-)

@Brittany Joiner I personally think they look great! They make my board feel less overwhelming, especially when you want to see the label text on all your cards. I'd rather have the pastels than going back to the bright colours.


Perhaps we can make it so the user gets to decide it themselves?

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Maybe It is a good idea @Vivian Larbi. Three options: Daltonic, Soft, Brilliant🤔

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Don't like the new label colours, the previous colours were good. We have the Trello boards on big monitors in the workshop but the new label format and colours don't stand out. Please let us have the option of having the previous label formats and colours

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My labels changed colors yesterday.  These lighter colors are not a step forward for improvements.  Please return back to the bolder colors, or at least allow us the option.  The lighter colors for our application is not working out.

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If you don't like the new labels, there are a lot of people commenting on them over on this thread:

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Alicia Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

Hi! yes @Pat Skerrett . It have happens to me in one of my accounts of Trello. 

Not in every account. 

It looks so smart ;)

I look forward to hear you too @Brittany Joiner 

We are beta people 😉 @Pat Skerrett 

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 23, 2022

@Pat Skerrett there are a few rumors going around about what's happening here and I'm trying to track down an answer. Seems like they are working on something with labels and possibly adding more options or making changes to make it more accessible, but this hasn't rolled out for everyone yet. I'll report back here once I know something, sorry I don't have a better answer yet!

Thank you so much for reading and responding! I'll be interested in hearing what you learn.

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 23, 2022

Haven't heard anything back yet, but I do have some folks on the community team trying to track it down, so hopefully will hear back soon!

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Julie D I'm New Here Aug 24, 2022

Happened to me too. I hope they bring back the option to color whole cards. 

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giulia I'm New Here Aug 27, 2022

+1 please bring back the solid colours! It is really hard to view different categories at a glance with the pastel version

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Is there a way to change them back?

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Please change them back or give us the option to change them back. I dislike the new colors as the text does not stand out like it did before.  If they are going to change colors it would be nice if they would ask for feedback first.  TY

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