Jira issue not attaching automatically to Trello card through Jira/Trello power up



Just wondering if there is anything that I am missing with the Trello power up for Jira. When I create an issue, the issue creates in Jira, but doesn't automatically sync to the Trello card unless I attach or paste it in, is there anything to look out for that may block this from happening?




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In general, Trello will attempt to create the issue in Jira for you in the background then attach it to the Trello card immediately. However, there are cases where a Jira might be configured with additional required fields (custom or not) which prevent us from being able to create the issue. In that situation, the best we can do is launch a new tab to the Jira create issue page with some of the fields pre-filled.

In the case where we do launch a new tab to Jira's create issue page, we do make an attempt to attach that new issue to the card also. However, there's a flaw in how we do it today. Today, we wait up to 5 minutes (if I remember correctly, in the browser) for you to create that issue. If it takes longer than 5 minutes, it won't get attached. I'm looking for a better way to do this in the future.

Hope that answers your question.

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Hi Lisa,

Just to make sure I understand the problem here, could you tell me more about how you're creating that issue? Did you select the "Create issue from this card" option in Trello?

Depending on how your Jira instance is configured, that should either cause the Jira issue to be created in the background, or it opens a new tab to create the issue. Could you let us know which of those methods was used to create the new issue?



So when I create the new issue I go to the card in Trello, click the Jira button, follow steps on card to "Create a new issue" > this then opens Jira in a new tab and I then need to click create on the issue in Jira.


How can I ask it to create the issue in Jira in the background?



To be honest I don't mind which one of these methods we use, the main point is that the Trello card has the Jira issue linked automatically once the issue is created in Jira from the Trello card :)

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