How do I pin a card to the top of a list?

DSWSExt_20161220 April 10, 2018

My company's main Trello board has a lot of different columns for different stages of our development process. I'd like to pin a card to the top of each list to describe when a card should be moved there.

Is there power-up that allows me to pin / stick an instructions card to the top of a list, so that it won't accidentally be moved down?

I've looked at the Readme power-up, but that only allows one readme for a whole board.



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Phil Wallach
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August 31, 2022

I have implemented this on my board, based on some suggestions above. 

This is what I did:

  1. Create a new label.
    • Click "Remove color" so the label does not appear on the front of the card.
    • Add a name to the card. I used "Pinned".
  2. Add the following automation in Rules:
    • "when a card is added to list "Done", sort the list by label "Pinned" ascending"
  3. As a bonus, I added a color cover to the card and made it display full height.

I use this to pin a card to the top of my Done list, where I summarise my quarterly activity.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 10.22.17 am.png

scastillo_lenz March 1, 2023

So elegant, thank you very much!

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Matthew N
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April 10, 2018

Currently, Trello doesn't have a "pin to top of list" feature or  a power up for that..  you can make a feature suggestion by writing to 

DSWSExt_20161220 April 10, 2018

Thanks Matthew!

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Tony Oltmann November 7, 2019

There are two work around options if you don't want to use the Chrome extension. Just a word about this being a work around that I use and works for me. I don't know if this fits everyone's needs, but works for me. Also, this is just a tip, it's not an exact "how to"; no exact step-by-step. Just the big picture. If you need step-by-step...ask. 


1) Enable Butler 

-> set to run automatically, such as when a card is added, by date, or by date and time

--> under "sorting" in Butler, determine how you want to "sort" (age of card, due date, label, etc)

---> click save


2) Enable Butler & Custom Fields (my favorite way)

-> set up custom field (I set a checkbox that's called "details" or "pin" or whatever you want. You could call it "George" for all it matters). The checkbox custom field is on every card, so I can have multiple pinned if I want. 

--> set Butler to run automatically, such as when a card is added (I set it to run when a card is added so that whenever a card is added Butler automatically re-sorts to ensure the checkbox card is first

---> under "sorting" in Butler, select "sort the list by custom field", select your custom field, how you want it sorted (ascending or descending), click add, and then save


The second work around is great because you can sort according to the custom field and then sort again by another custom field or label or whatever. I have a few cards pinned on some lists and not others. With this you can create a custom field sorting list that has multiple ascending "pinned" cards that always remain at the top. 

Donna February 13, 2020

Awesome, I will try this!

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Peter DeWitt
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April 2, 2021

Thanks for the tips! #2 it is. :)

lievenslenders August 12, 2021

will this workaround allow a custom order of cards/tickets? 

We want to manually rank our backlog column in order of priority during the meeting... not have It automated. However, we also want that one card pinned at the top. 

Many thanks in advance, 

lievenslenders August 13, 2021

I tried this solution and works like a charm. - did not grasp that the button only applies to that particular card - which it does!

Thanks for the suggestion! 

Rosa Clark September 18, 2022

This sounds perfect. skills are lacking and I can't get it to work :-(

I think I need a paid space. 

I tried setting up automation using labels.  Still no joy. 

Feedback/tips are welcome. (A big ask, but if you can share a screenshot of the automation, event better!) 

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Jozef Ivanic October 8, 2019

vote for this feature. don't tell me it is so complicated to add...

Jonathan Thompson February 18, 2020

Where can we vote?

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me me January 25, 2019

Have you submitted a feature request? 

It's exactly the feature we need.

Denise Aday January 25, 2019

yup, you?

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me me January 25, 2019

Not yet, but will do that sometime this weekend. 

This feature is that common to me, that I'm wondering why it's not yet implemented. 

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Jonelle Lasala February 6, 2019

I've just submitted this feature request too, thanks!

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Animador 3D Linuxero November 8, 2019

Up to date it seems we haven't got this feature yet so I've just submitted this feature request too

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Jonathan Thompson February 18, 2020

Submitted my request today and linked this thread! Pin card to top for the win!

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Wessel de Vries September 20, 2019

My Chrome extension supports this.

You can find it at

Ed Adjei September 20, 2019

Thanks, but what I need is something that everyone in the team will see without them having to locate them and ask them to install a local extension on their browser.

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Denise Aday September 20, 2019

Me too. It's no good having to guess what the other user's experience is. Way too confusing -- must be consistent.

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Joshua Spilker August 9, 2019

Any news on this feature request? 

Ed Adjei September 20, 2019

just came across the same issue! It would be nice to be able to pin a card to the top

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me me February 6, 2019

There is a part about agile project management within the most recent newsletter. Trello explains there, how a board can be used for agile projects. 

I've only found this blog in German, so not sure whether it's also available in English.

However, I've commented this blog and referred to this feature request as I believe that making a card sticky might be also / especially a benefit for agile projects. 

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Rossano Ferrazzano April 14, 2021

I did nearly the same of renot2020: I created a grey label called "PINNED CARD" and gave it only to the cards that I wanted to keep on top of the list, and then built a Butler's rule that sorts the cards by descending label order, putting in the label list of the order just the grey "PINNED CARD" label.

I am currently checking if this works, will write here if it's ok. 

Sandy Anger November 30, 2022

I just did this as a workaround. Thanks!

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renot2020 January 4, 2020

You might use Butler to automation it, what i dod, give all definition board a label called Definition, then setup a schedule activity thru calendar, all the cards on this list would be sorted by labels, Definition, High Priority, Middle Priority, Low Priority, then sorted by Due Dates at 1am every morning, so when the team back to work, all those back to order again even during day time, members move cards around...

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