How can I turn on the native notifications for the win10 desktop app


I can't find anything about notifications on trello for the win 10 Desktop app.

There is a little bit about it in the following article

but they wrote only about it, using it on a mac.

The secound Thing i found is directly in the win 10 Desktop app under the Control Panel, there they wrote:


To enable, disable, or configure native notifications go to Control Panel > Notifications.

Button: Send Test Notification

Unfortunately in the Windows notification Center is no "Trello" button to switch on.

The notifications for Browser are working perfectly but the native Version on the Desktop app are not working.

Thanks for help,

and I'm sorry for ma terrible english.

Bye, Dominik

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Hi Dominik,


Sorry to hear that! If local notifications aren't working, the first thing I'd suggest is doing a full uninstall of the app, and then reinstalling it. Usually that clears things up. We have instructions for doing that here:

Hi Michael,

I don't think that the installation is the problem. (I hope so)

I've installed it on 7 different Win10 workstation and have the same problem on every pc. (The workstation where all new installed by myself, a clean win10 installation whith all updates and without any programs on it)

Also there is nothing happening when you click the "Send Test Notification" button. It's like there is no function behind, it's like you click beside the button on the white screen ;-)


Thanks so far


One thing I've forgotten:

Should there be a "Trello" Button in the windows notification center like i wrote above?

Or does Trello communicate through a other "standard" channel?

I have a other program that works for notifications and also is not in that list...

Thanks, Dominik

There should be a Trello option in that list, and typically, doing the full uninstall and reinstall helps.


If it doesn't, can you get in touch with us via That way, we can take a closer look and I can escalate to one of our Desktop engineers to find out what's happening!

Rares Pop I'm New Here Friday

It happens to me also, and full uninstall and install is not fixing the issue.

Rares, can you also get in touch via, then? We'll be glad to look into it!

I got response from the support team / expert, I hope this helps:

We have to wait for the next update/patched version.


My name's Aditya, a hardcore Trello user here to help you. 

This is a known bug issue that the Trello team is working on right now. Hopefully, it'll be patched soon. Just make sure the Trello app is up to date. 

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

Hope this helps. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask and I'd be glad to help. 


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