How can I access my Trello account without having to migrate to Atlassian, considering that the emai

Ka March 5, 2024

Hello everyone,

I have an old account that I used with my previous team at my former company.

In this account, I created a "personal" board that I couldn't share with anyone.

Today, I need some data from that board, but I can't log in anymore because Trello is asking me to migrate to Atlassian and sends a recovery email to the old email, which no longer exists since I left.

How can I recover the account, please?

Thank you for your valuable assistance.

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David Nickell March 5, 2024

I was just looking at a different Trello question in another post... and I'm a big believer of using the Atlassian APIs.   Try plugging the organization name into this url to see if you can access the list of boards through REST:

If that works, you may be able to walk the other API commands here to get what you need:

Good Luck


Ka March 5, 2024

Excuse me, I don't understand. Can you please explain it to me?

David Nickell March 5, 2024

Sorry for any confusion.  If I understand the issue, your personal board is "trapped" inside an organization you no longer work for.   You can't log in and you can't retrieve a reset email Altassian is trying to send you.

In an earlier post today, someone was asking for details about one of their boards.   I was stunned that I could see their board information through REST API calls.  

So if you can provide the "ORGNAME" (who you used to work for) in the URL above and paste it into a browser, you might find that you can see their board detail including your personal one.     

If you get that far successfully (a list of boards in JSON format), let me know and I'll help you try the next step.   Otherwise you may be stuck getting help from your old company or Atlassian support  Thanks


Ka March 5, 2024

Thank you so much, but it didn't work.

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