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3 Nearly Identical Butler Rules, but only one works

Bren Marvik July 27, 2023

I'll include photos of my rules & labels below, but the gist of my problem is this:


I use one board as a personal PM system, it includes birthdays, daily to-do tasks, events, etc. I have a few different lists, but the three I'm going to mention are these:

Birthdays, Events, The Next 7 Days, Bren's next 24 hours, Felicity's next 24 Hours.

I have butler setup to auto-populate items from "Birthdays" and "Events" into "The Next 7 days", and from that list I use butler to move the tasks into my list "Bren's next 24 hours" and my wife's "Felicity's next 24 hours", I do this by giving each task a label that is either "Bren's Week", "Felicity's Week", or "Both of us".


The issue began by my wife recently changing the colors on her label "Felicity's week" and on "both of us" label. I knew this would disrupt butlers flow from "Next 7 days" to our individual lists, so I changed the commands to include the updated labels.

However, despite the command begin updated butler will not auto-populate from "Next 7 days" into my wife Felicity's list. I've changed the labels within the rules section, deleted the rules entirely and re-wrote them, and even copied the rule to auto-populate my "next 24 hours", then modified them for my wifes label and the label for both of us. No dice.

What is going on here? My command runs well, and I copy/pasted/modified it to work for her list, yet nothing happens. I'll include some screenshots below and am more than happy to clear up any details, if anyone happens to have any insight I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!



Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 20-49-08 Friday work shift at 5pm on Weekly To-Do Trello.png



Butler rules that work/dont work:

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 20-45-59 Weekly To-Do Trello.png


Butler rules that work/dont work continued:

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 20-47-15 Weekly To-Do Trello.png

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Dreamsuite Mike
Community Leader
Community Leader
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July 28, 2023

Top tip that opens up the possibility to make label automations independent of colour:

Presuming your labels are unique in name:

  1. Create a label (call it temp), remove the colour
  2. Set up an automation, when label "Temp" is added to a card, do something...
  3. You can now rename the automation to the label name of choice, in your case "Brians Week" without having to reference the colour.. (20).gif

Back to your issue, I think there is an issue in your approach. While you want the automations you have because you want to instantly process things due in <24 hours when you set the due date.  It will only trigger when you set the due date.  You want have the same automations as "Due Date Commands also...

Screenshot 2023-07-28 123552.png

Bren Marvik July 31, 2023

Removing the 24 hour rule and replacing it with “the day before” definitely worked, thank you!!!

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