Developers... Please don't ignore Lists!

Michelle Vincent July 23, 2021

Just a suggestion in case developers read these, but please don't gear all of Trello toward Cards at the expense of Lists.  We use one list for each project, and have multiple cards related to that project.  So the list is the identifier, and each card follows the same set pattern across all lists.  Unfortunately, most functions think I only want to do something to a Card, not the List.  So for example, when someone comments on a card, we all get an email notice saying there was a comment.  The email contains only the name of the card, not the name of the list.  But in our case, the comment to the CARD is meaningless, because that Card has the same name, say "BROKER TO DO LIST" as all the other cards because we create from a template.  So I have to click the link to see what project the comment referred to. And I can't search my email by client name to find all comments. What I want the email to say is that someone commented on the BROKER TO DO LIST card on the JOHNSON PROJECT list (or why not even add, "on the SALES TEAM board"?.)  It doesn't seem like this would be difficult to add, since each card knows what list it's on.  There seem to be lots of other features that work only for cards but not lists.  Maybe there's a reason on the back end, but it would be super useful for us if it were more flexible!!

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Brittany Joiner
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July 24, 2021

I spoke with someone a couple weeks ago who had a similar use case, and I did find it interesting how difficult it was to create any automation around that, but also realized that's not how a majority of people are using Trello, so I understand why it's not prioritized. 

My advice would be to try to rethink your workflow and see if there's a way you can flip it. For example, each card is a project, and use multiple checklists inside of it to indicate steps for each stage, like those "Broker To Do Lists". 

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Michelle Vincent July 26, 2021

We tried, just need the label and member functions to sort, and the card is the smallest piece that can do that, so are stuck using the List for the project and Card for the steps.  It does seem like most users are more focused on Card stuff, but it seems like an easy enough fix to at least just include a tag for the List on the emails if nothing else.  Hoping the pro-List people can speak up more and maybe get some of this easy stuff!  :-)  


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