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Master Packing List and Travel Tips

As a follow-up to my article "On the Road Organization", I wanted to share with you how I pack for travel, to make things as simplistic as possible. Last year, I created a Master Packing List, it was a Trello card with four checklists inside: Makeup, Clothes, Food and Miscellaneous items (eg. phone chargers etc).

For each trip, I would make a copy of the master list and adapt and change the items based on whether it was a business or pleasure trip, or remove items based on the time of year and/or weather forecast.

It made my travel so efficient as I never forgot anything, and didn't have to keep creating new lists from scratch every time I traveled. Here's a preview of my list:

travel list 1.png

travel list 2.png

Also, I found originally I was always packing and unpacking my toiletry bag and it would take me the most time, so I decided to keep it packed all the time and this has saved me so much time and energy. Instead of listing all the items on the packing list, I just listed "travel roll-up pack" as everything was already packed. Just grab and go. I had small bottles for everything and would just refill them when I got home so that they were ready for my next trip. 


Here are some great tips I learned throughout my travels, and a few I learned from people I met on planes that traveled the majority of their time: 

-Pack vitamin c, ginger-tabs and probiotics that you can take while travelling and a few days before and after.

-use disinfectant wipes to wipe down surfaces on plane or train (although they may appear clean they could still carry germs that you don't want to be exposed to).

-use hand sanitizer often and don't touch your eyes, nose, mouth or ears (that is the secret that a doctor once told me on why they rarely get sick while seeing sick people all day long).

-bring your water bottle and/or reusable coffee mug to fill up at airports and hotels (also saves the planet from single use plastic), if the water isn't filtered get a bottle with a brita filter built in.

-roll your clothes (instead of folding) to maximize your space, and always (as much as possible) travel with carry-on luggage to avoid lost luggage and delays etc.

-if you are on an extended trip with a carry on bag you can invest in the vacuum seal bags, that take all of the air out of your clothes (so you can pack even more). 

-invest in a portable steamer for your clothes if you need them to be wrinkle-free.

-you can get your laundry done at hotel if you stay for 2 consecutive days, aim to stay at the same hotel for 2 days in middle of trip - which enables you to use a carry on bag for a 2-3 week trip.


Those are the tips that I found most useful for my recent 7 weeks on the road. Would love to hear if you have other tips that work for you. Please share in the comments below.


BiancaE Atlassian Team Dec 09, 2019

this is so helpful! I use Trello for all my travel stuff too but had *never* thought about creating a master list for my checklist. Clever!

Like Jodi LeBlanc likes this

Thanks so much @BiancaE , it has been a game changer for me, I used to do a new packing list every time and I always forgot things, or brought way too much stuff, or my packing took hours instead of minutes :)

Like BiancaE likes this

This is a great article for back packers like me. Thanks @Jodi LeBlanc .

Like Jodi LeBlanc likes this

Thanks @Michael Kimathi _AC Nairobi_ Kenya_  that's great to hear! :)

I've started to do the 'keep certain things packed' trick as well and it is very helpful!

Like Jodi LeBlanc likes this
BiancaE Atlassian Team Dec 10, 2019

@Darline you might be into this!

Like Jodi LeBlanc likes this

@Tara LaFreniere it sure saves a lot of time, not having to pack and repack continuously :)

LarryBrock Community Leader Dec 10, 2019

Hi @Jodi LeBlanc - thanks for another great article!  I'll strongly second the pre-packed toiletries bag and add a small first aid kit to the list.  Handy for the unexpected scrape, cut, stumped toe (who put that bed-foot there anyway! ;-) I add a pair of tweezers to the kit for the unexpected splinter, or metal sliver from who knows where.


Like Jodi LeBlanc likes this

Thanks for this sharing this @Jodi LeBlanc . It simply amazes me how Trello could be used for so many of such 'non-work' usecases.  #TrelloForLife

Like Jodi LeBlanc likes this

Great tips @LarryBrock - I usually pack bandaids in my travel pack, but a mini first-aid kit would definitely come in handy. Yes, I have kicked that unexpected bed foot a few times over the years, Yow-ch!

Thanks @Libu B - I completely agree, it is fully functional and useful for everything!

Danny Rising Star Dec 29, 2019

Going to have to use this for Summit 2020! 

Like Jodi LeBlanc likes this

That's great to hear Danny! :)


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