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Any study group for ACP-100?


           Is any virtual study groups going on for ACP-100 now? I am interested to join. Or start a new one? Thoughts, interests, ideas for study group as well for prep. Thanks


I'm interested in starting a new one or joining your existing one.

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Hi @Detris Brown Thanks for your interest. Please let me know if you have any idea on what we can do as study group and how to connect etc. We can may be post each other's question here? Let me know.

That’s great. Let’s do that.

Let’s test each other’s knowledge.

1. What are workflows in Jira and why are they useful?

Its a process of steps/stages set for an issue to travel. Its useful to make sure the same process is followed for same/similar set of issues. Just layman terms, as I haven't gotten around to studying guide for WF yet.

I will post any of my doubts here. The user guide says we should be able to export results of JQL to Excel & XML. But by default only XML & CSV are avl among others, no excel. If I assume they mean CSV as Excel, we can enable exporting into Excel specifically by updating file on server. So wondering what if there is a question like what are the formats to export results with options XML, Excel,... & XML, CSV...., which one would be choose.

I think lot of looking for same including me we can have the group

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@Muhammad Ramzan @Detris Brown Great, thanks for responding. As I had mentioned earlier, we can post each other's questions here so other people can clarify it if we know. If you all know of any other ways we can do the study group (of course without compromising online personal security of everyone involved), please let me know. Thank you.

Kat Marketplace Partner Apr 17, 2020

Let's give this a go.


If it is a disaster I'll just delete it. 🙂 What could go wrong?

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@KatThis is awesome. Thank you. Will explore this.

I joined the group... Not planning to take any other cert right now, but I would like to learn with the group... 


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@Muhammad Ramzan @Detris Brown I have joined in the app link that @Kat posted. You can do so too to have discussions.

BTW @Kat posted a question on ACP-100 channel. Pls let me know if you know about it. Thanks.

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@Muhammad Ramzan @Detris Brown Are you both planning to join the study & discussion group on the Discord app channel that @Kat posted. Seems to be a good one to have discussions & msgs. I have been actively posting questions there, if that interests you all in answering. Looking forward to see you all there.

@KatOne more question. What is the difference between adding gadget via URL vs subscribing to a gadget. I dont see anything different between these 2, as both allow to add the gadget into Jira DB. So not able to figure out what's the difference. Anyone?? Thanks.

Benjamin Community Leader Apr 30, 2020

Hi @Kay M - I'm studying the ACP-100 . What do mean by gadget? Are you asking about the one on the dashboard where just select and add?

@BenjaminHow is the prep going. Did you leave Discord channel btw, as I couldnt tag you.

Benjamin Community Leader May 08, 2020

@Kay M - It's going well. I want to setup my own Atlassian stack network so I can build a whole eco-system and learn beyond the ACP-100. The remaining thing for me  to do is to brush a bit more on the areas I haven't touch much and work on the virtual lab. 

How's your prep going?

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Haven't prepared much lately, busy with work. Whenever I am in preparation, you will see lot of questions posted on Discord for sure :-) Are you still in Discord btw?

Benjamin Community Leader May 13, 2020

@Kay M- Stay with it whenever you can because those areas you don't use often may come up in the exam. I have sign up in the next few weeks to take the exam. 

I step out to fully immerse in the application.  I'll come back after I complete the exam. 

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Awesome @Benjamin Congratulations for signing up to take the exam. Good luck. Would love to hear from you once you take the exam.

Benjamin Community Leader May 15, 2020

@Kay M - Thanks. Will do. 

@BenjaminHave some questions on scheduling the exam. How soon are we able to set it up given we are able to take it from home these days. If I am ready to pay for the exam today and go & enroll, when will I be able to take it. How long the process of writing to Atlassian & getting approval to give the exam from home take. Thank you

Benjamin Community Leader May 15, 2020

@Kay M - I always choose to go to exam center. This is my preference as I don't want to end up in a situation where I need to worry about anything else but the exam itself. Just me and the exam. My experience it is quiet and also social distancing is not an issue since no test other test takers are even near you. 

Mine is schedule in 2 weeks. Could be earlier for you depending on your location.

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@BenjaminI completed it and passed :-) Good luck to you!!

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Congratulations @Kay M !!!!

if possible, share with us your "method" :) 

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Benjamin Community Leader May 27, 2020

That's Awesome. Congrats @Kay M !

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Thank you both. @Patricia Francezi As we all know, lot of reading and trying out are involved. @Katguide is definitely a good one you can follow. Honestly, in my case, I wasnt planning to take the exam this soon, but for various reasons, I had to take it and schduled it just couple of days back.

Hey @Kay M .... Just completed the exam today and pass as well. This time I regret my experience at the exam center. I’ll post an article on what happen once I get a break. 

The exam was a challenge. Definitely practicing the lab exercises and just exploring the features plays a huge part. 

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Congrats @Benjamin !!!!!!!!

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Thats great @BenjaminCongratulations!!

I am planning for exam next month, here is my approach and i am also publishing into blog too. 


  • List down all the exam topics.
  • Explore each topi with every details what is expected from an admin
  • Note down all important notes.
  • Complete all sections 
  • Before exam , read the important notes.


I have just completed first section and i have listed down all the important notes here, please share your feedback.


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