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Build your career on Atlassian

For over 125,000 companies, Atlassian tools play an integral role in their ability to achieve great results, and more than ever, individuals and teams are aware of the added career benefits that come with honing their Atlassian skillset. As experience with Atlassian products becomes an increasingly visible asset for career development, we want to make sure you're aware of the resources and services available to help you succeed with our products and contribute to your work and career.

Atlassian University is the one stop shop to expand your skills through Atlassian Training courses and demonstrate your knowledge by getting Atlassian Certified. Some users may go years believing they know all there is to know about a product like Jira, only to find out that their experience was limited and they've only scratched the surface of what that product can do. Take Kathy Barton, VP of Agile Analytics at WebbMason Analytics, "In the prep session, I learned the depth and breadth of what I didn't know about Jira. I've been a Jira Admin for 10 years, but I didn't realize how focused I was on what I already knew. There's a whole world of things I'm not using. Yet!"

Realizations like this are exactly what Atlassian University is designed for - helping users discover and develop skills that open new doors for them. 

If you want your achievements to be more visible in your career path, there's no better way to do this than to get Atlassian Certified. Getting Certified allows you to claim a coveted spot among an exclusive community of validated product experts; it also substantiates that you're at the top of your game and that you have sought-after talent. Atlassian Certified Professionals have the hands-on experience, knowledge, and skills that organizations need to successfully plan, deploy, and scale Atlassian products. If you value your Atlassian product knowledge as a leading skill in your toolbox, then you can be assured that the top hiring companies do too.

To get started or to get back on track, visit and learn more about the Certifications and Badges that can help you build your career - or your team - on Atlassian.



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Rising Star
Rising Star
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August 21, 2018

Getting certified in the various Atlassian products has definitely made and impact on my career. I had been using and supporting Jira and Confluence, as well as a variety of other Atlassian products, for years before getting certified. Certification helped me see some holes in my knowledge about the applications, and gave me insight to the ways to get the most out of all the features available in each application.

I think the best way to get started is to take the ACP-600 course and exam. The provided training for this certification was by far the best experience I've had when training for any certification exam. The knowledge I gained from this exam reaped the most benefits for me, as far as implementing the best practices for myself and the customers I support as part of my job.

Happy to answer any questions anyone has about getting certified on Atlassian!

Max Foerster - K15t
Community Leader
Community Leader
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September 12, 2018

Hey there,

I first got in contact with Atlassian certifications when I was already working as a consultant in the ecosystem and there was a professional need to earn certifications. So that's a slightly different story than being, for example, a user/admin wanting to develop his career. Especially after I had the big honor to start reviewing/writing the certifications as well. But many things are still the same.

Earning certifications and preparing for them will definitely help you gain expertise in a tool you maybe thought you already knew perfectly. For my first two certifications (ACP-100 and 200) I even wrote a very comprehensive study guide following the objectives, adding special hints, common practices etc., so my other colleagues could use it to prepare or just to search for knowledge far more quickly than browsing the Atlassian documentation itself. And of course, everyone is invited to update that document or add new bits and pieces of important knowledge. So preparing like this and at the same time digging deep into the tool, touching every possible setting will help you to earn the certification and getting to know the tool better. That's already great value, isn't it?

So now you got something you can be proud of (frame the cert and put it on a wall!) because you earned it. And as well present it to the outside world (LinkedIn, Xing etc.), you will gain more visibility from being certified and so it can increase your chances for new opportunities or help to better communicate your value internally. 

And last but not least, earning certifications can be fun too! Sounds weird? Currently I'm holding five certifications and passed the last one a few days before summit JUST to hold on more than my colleague currently does. But I already know he will get his fifth, too. So I need to add the last available one. So this is a small competition we're having fun with... :D And it's even more fun if you frame the printed certifications and put them on a wall!

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