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Tips & Lessons for 2022: Be the teammate you want to work with



You choose your teammates/coworkers as much as you choose your family. Not at all. But what we can choose is to make the most of it. Be yourself, be compassionate, and be present. Assume positive intent and always try to have a little extra patience.

Relevance for today

Everything has changed. For some of us, it has changed forever. There is no going back to what was before. We've all lived a rather large shared experience over the last couple years. It has given many a new perspective. Be open to those new ideas and perspectives. We can accomplish so much more together. Make it count!

How have the last few years changed your perspective on what it means to be a teammate?


The last couple of years has brought more disconnection than normal. It makes me want to engage with teammates more, but it's not easy when interactions are so transactional.

So to be more present and have patience, to your point, @Josh Costella, opens us up to hear what we may not have heard when we're rushing to accomplish a task and not seeing each other beyond the transaction. 

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@Josh Costella 

You're so right—more love, optimistic view, empathy, patience, and comprehension with us and the others. 🙏🏽

A few years ago, I worked with a guy who was naturally very charismatic and easy to be around. At first, I was jealous of the way he could put people at ease and make the team feel confident. Then I started noticing what specifically he said or did that gave off that impression—a lot of it was nonverbal (great eye contact, fully turning his body toward whoever was speaking, etc.) and I began working those habits into my own daily meetings.

Even now, I ask myself how he would handle work situations and try to fake it until I make it! I know I'll never have his natural charisma, but I think this has worked well for becoming more like my favorite coworker 

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Be yourself - yes I really like that. I was actually going to write a little thing about that but you beat me to it :) Which is great! Others are thinking and feeling the same as I.

Be genuine. There is only one copy of you so you be you. At the same time, take interest in others, listen more than you talk. Practice the principles found in the book "How to make friends and influence people." Timeless principles. 

Being a teammate for me means being there for others during the highs but also lows. Celebrate success together, help out and show empathy when others are in need 💙

The same for me! It is so essential that there are two ways of helping and being helped for those in need. 🙏🏽

Hi @Josh Costella 

  They have changed a lot because every day I try to make my teammates understand the importance of being just one, being a team and not an associated group to do something, it is very important that everyone has empathy, good energy and that the ability to help is 100% bidirectional

   No one is more than anyone else, everyone is necessary, everyone is human and among all of us we are a team, individualities no longer have a place



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